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For moments in your life where you need clarity, the stars and astrological alignments can help. ScorpioMystique’s 60 minute phone/Skype consultations provide detailed interpretations on how the current planetary positions and aspects are affecting your life, including your relationships, your career, your friendships, and your spiritual goals.


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ScorpioMystique now offers 60-minute astrology consultations via phone or Skype. During this consultation ScorpioMystique will go over your Birth Chart details, and address any questions or concerns you may have regarding specific aspects of your life (love, career, health, friendship, etc…). Astrology consultations provide you with greater insight on the blueprint of your personality, as well as the vocational paths best suited for you, and ways to navigate challenges in your personal and social relationships. If you feel lost and are seeking guidance, an astrological consultation can help illuminate your options and potential. You can also ask SM specific questions regarding themes and situations in your life.

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5 reviews for Astrology Phone/Skype Consultation

  1. Alexis (verified owner)

    If I could give Dosse-via 20 stars, I would (star pun intended!). She has been my astrologist, spiritual guide and advisor for two years. We’ve had phone sessions for the last two years as well. What sets Dosse-via apart from other astrologists is her ability to intuitively understand and translate the emotions and observations I feel into solid advice based on the placements in my chart and the place of the planets in the sky. Her positive attitude is infectious and her writings have made me approach situations in my life in a different, calmer, more profound way. Not only are her readings accurate, they are profound and teach you to get out of your own way. She is just as amazing as an astrologer as she is a friend. She is an inherently good person, writer, advocate for truth and, of course, a tough Scorpio woman!

  2. Etel

    The reading with Dosse-Via was wonderful. She touched upon great key points in my life and was sure to give an extensive explanation of how it all fall into place with the energy of the universe and the planets. She is a very passionate astrologer and is exact in her forcast. I took two readings from her which helped me, especially in understanding the love life complex I was in.
    Not only her reading, but her follow-ups are golden!! You can read them after the consultation and take your time processing her nuggets.

  3. Darius Phelps (verified owner)

    With my consultation, I felt like I was bearing my soul to someone I’d known my entire life. She opened my eyes up to a whole new world I didn’t know even existed between my love interest and myself. Thanks to the feedback I received, I’ve been able to take a look at myself and work towards being a better person for the one that I love, and most importantly, myself.

  4. AN (verified owner)

    A soft spoken astrologer who answers all questions with sincerity and love. Dossé-Via seems to have a deep understanding of this age old science, but what sets her apart is being fully aware that it is combination of facts and experience. Many thanks for a very consultative session. You are truly special!

  5. FI (verified owner)

    On point! My reading with Dosse-Via was mind blowing! Everything she covered was honest and truthful. She was able to dissect various changes and planetary alignments to help me understand what was going on in my life. It’s been a few months since our consult but everything she covered and I mean everything was very really for me. Thank you for such an eye opening session!

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