Today is 9/9/2020, which is a supremely powerful day in numerology and astrology. Our ruler Mars, who’s currently in Aries, begins its two-month retrograde in Scorpio’s health and wellness sector. Since 9 is the number of spiritual awakening, manifestation, and healing, it’s important for you to know that for the rest of the year, your manifestation powers will be directly tied to how well you take care of yourself. This is always the case, but it’s especially important to remember this during Mars Retrograde. Mars is the Planet of Action, but when it’s retrograde it cautions us against going too fast or speeding towards an imaginary finish line. You may be feeling more tired today, or you may be seeking a quiet place to rest. Listen to your body and meditate if you can. Listen to healing music. Run yourself a bath. Make sure you’re consistently eating well and hydrating. Make a promise to yourself that you’ll nourish yourself like a beautiful plant, and grow.