You’re a warrior, Scorpio. But you don’t always have to be. With the Moon in Sag making its monthly union with Jupiter in Sag, the Universe is asking you to reimagine the idea of always having to be “the strong one”. Virgo Season has had you focused on organization and restructuring, but make sure you’re not purposefully keeping busy as a way to avoid the changes happening in your life and the emotions that come with it… If you need someone to talk to, be honest about that. Whether that means just putting a message in your IG story that says “I need someone to talk to”, or responding to some of your unread messages with people who are there for you, or just talking to yourself through mirror talk or journal talk. Step out of your comfort zone and remember that you are not alone. You are divinely supported, and some powerful alignments between the Sun and Saturn and Venus and Pluto will help awaken you to this truth. You are healing day by day, and you should let yourself be hugged by the Universe as you navigate the transitions and awakenings occurring in your life.