The Moon has shifted into Sagittarius, which significantly boosts our mood and helps us look at the glass as half full. If you haven’t yet set your New Moon Intentions, this is your reminder that you have about 5 days left to make the most of this fertile energy. Whenever you’re in the right head space, spend 1-5 minutes creatively visualizing where you see yourself by March 9, 2020 (the corresponding Virgo Full Moon). Be as specific and clear as possible, and please don’t play it safe, because that’s no fun. Dare to envision yourself as a millionaire humanitarian who heals the world by sharing your wealth, a successful entrepreneur doing what they love, a loyal friend and lover who maintains healthy, mutually fulfilling relationships, or whatever your heart desires. It’s time to give yourself permission to intentionally expand every area of your life, in a way that’s sustainable, exciting and brand new.