Where Scorpios come to soar.

September 3, 2019

The Moon has entered Scorpio, and it’s important for us to be guided by its messages. We are hearing our inner voice more strongly than usual under this lunar transit, especially when blended with the Sun in Virgo. Don’t doubt or second guess yourself, especially if you’ve recently made a powerful decision that will alter the course of your life. Your higher self knows what’s best for you, and it’s taking the lead right now. It knows what you need to live a life beyond your wildest dreams. Just make sure you’re not only visualizing, wishing and prepping for this new life. Plant those seeds and put in the work to make your visions a reality. Virgo season encourages a step by step, slow and steady process to getting to the finish line. Make a list of the 3 most important tasks you’d like to finish today. Even if you only get one done, you’ll be closer to your goal.  Celebrate your progress, then begin again. Discipline and self-love are muscles you must consistently train until taking care of your mental, spiritual, professional, physical and emotional health becomes a wholesome habit ingrained in your consciousness. 

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