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September 29, 2019

Now that the Libra New Moon’s taken place, you’re in a new headspace, one where you are more open to life’s adventurous energy, while also more aware of the boundaries you need to put in place to feel spiritually secure. A new aspect of yourself has emerged this weekend, and it’s guiding you to a brand new world, one that helps you let go of past burdens. As much as you can keep a grudge to the grave, as we approach 2020 the key is to feel emotionally light and free of stagnant energy. That means you need to forgive. Not for anyone else’s sake but your own. Forgiving does not mean forgetting, and it doesn’t mean letting people or situations continue to have access to you. It just means actively choosing not to be weighed down by your past or what happened to you. There’s a new story being written. Be inspired by Libra season’s airy energy and soar higher than ever before.

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