We’re one day away from the Libra New Moon and five days away from the end of Pluto Retrograde. Since Pluto is one of our ruling planets, and it rules death, rebirth and transformation, you’ve probably been feeling the effects of its upcoming shift direct for most of September. You’ve gone through several awakening this month, Scorpio. The biggest one of all is that you can make it through some of your lowest or most trying moments, and rise again. You’ve had to deal with countless twists and turns in your relationships these past 6 months, ever since Uranus re-entered Taurus and activated your partnership sector. But all of this serves to strengthen the relationship you have with yourself. It doesn’t mean you should push away anyone who’s out here trying to love or support you, Scorpio. Tomorrow’s Libra New Moon is a healing gift for you because it will remind you that even when you thought you were alone, and had to do it all alone, you were being divinely protected. The Universe has your back, even if you can’t fully feel or see it yet. Spend time today preparing for your new beginning. Let go of what you intuitively know doesn’t help you soar, and be grateful for the energies lifting you up.