The Moon’s entered Virgo, helping you structure, order and prioritize your life as we approach the Libra New Moon this Saturday. It’s an ideal time to think of three things you’d like to accomplish before the month ends that will help you start October on a strong and stress-free note. The work you put in now will pay off beautifully in the weeks and months to come. But make sure you’re not being a perfectionist or workaholic under this Virgo Moon. Use the energy of Libra season to create balance between work and play. Connect with people today who can help you take life less seriously, and who can refresh your outlook on life, love and relationships. Yes, you’ve been through quite the emotional rollercoaster this year (and that’s an understatement) but this upcoming New Moon in Libra will propel you into a new world where you don’t fear going with the flow. It’ll be the best way to navigate life, and your blessings will amplify once you release your need to control. It is possible for you to be reborn in this way, my love. It’s already happening.