Today’s the last day of Virgo Season, which means that the September Equinox takes place tomorrow, officially marking the end of summer in the Northern Hemisphere. This is a powerful day to meditate on all that has taken place since the summer solstice on June 21, 2019. Look back at past journals or social media posts to remind yourself of your growth. Virgo Season was all about purification, weeding out the non-essentials, and allowing yourself to rise while staying rooted in your truth. Libra Season’s energy will help us emotionally detach from the need to control the outcome. It will help us breathe easy as we prepare for Scorpio Season to start next month. Embrace today’s nurturing and cleansing energy, Scorpio. Continue to remove what you’ve outgrown — whether that’s clothes you’re ready to donate, phone contacts and photos you’re ready to delete, and mindsets that have kept you stuck in the same cycle. Let them all fall like a leaf on a tree. Make room for the birth of something new.