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September 22, 2018

At 9:55pm EST, the Sun shifts out of Virgo and into Libra, marking the Equinox in both hemispheres. Use the hours before that to celebrate your growth during these past 4 weeks of Virgo Season. Indulge in self-care by spoiling yourself in a way that makes your mind, body and soul feel aligned. Once Libra Season begins tonight, surround yourself with friends and people who make you laugh and feel at ease. You will have entered a brand new chapter in your life with this new season, and it’s important for you to become clear about what this fresh start will mean for you. The Full Moon in Aries is now only two days away, so if you’re feeling a lot of momentum building up, it’s absolutely normal. This Full Moon energy is most intensely felt in the days before it actually occurs, so be prepared to receive exciting news this weekend, giving you even more reason to celebrate your current journey. Onwards and upwards, Scorpio!

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