If you can, write a letter to your future self today. Imagine yourself six months from now. What words of wisdom can you give yourself? Reassure yourself that even in the midst of deep uncertainty, you’ll make it through. Speak of the abundance that you’ll cultivate these next six months. Get specific about what you’re manifesting in your life. Thank yourself for your patience as you navigate life’s unknowns. Scorpio, there are 16 days left of Saturn Retrograde and 1 month left of Pluto Retrograde. The Universe is blatantly showing you that some patterns and lessons are repeating themselves so they can be released and transformed. You don’t need external approval to do what you know what must be done. It’s a new month, and we’re fresh off the heels of a new moon. This is the time to courageously end patterns that no longer resonate with who you are, and where you want to be. Do it for your future self. The self that will read your letter six months from now, smile down at it, and say “thank you”.