The Moon spends most of the day in Taurus before entering airy Gemini tonight. This is an ideal time to clear out your home and work space of anything taking up too much mental or physical space. The airier you can get your life to feel, the better. We have 4 days left of Virgo Season, so you’re feeling the need to be efficient, organized, responsible and minimal in all that you do. Take the step by step approach to getting there. While Saturn’s recent shift direct may be inspiring you to radically alter every area of your life, it still has a shadow period for over one month, so you must ease yourself into your new reality. Be intentional in all that you do. Become aware of what you spend most of your time on daily. If it’s productive and purposeful, keep going. But if it’s connected to laziness or procrastination, nip it in the bud. Start by watching 30 minutes less TV. Decrease your social media use by 30 minutes. Indulge in fewer libations. Avoid small talk by all means. To get to where you envision yourself, you have to be willing to think differently, speak differently, and move differently. Begin today.