With the Moon now in the fixed sign of Taurus, and the Sun still in Virgo, today’s vibes are about taking yourself and your trajectory seriously — but not too seriously. Dare to envision yourself one year from now. How does it feel to have manifested your dreams, and more? How does it feel to have overcome some of the most challenging moments of your life, and thrived? How does it feel to be divinely guided, supported, and protected by the Universe? How does it feel to fiercely know, trust, and love yourself? Tap into that energy of your future self, and realize that you can already create that magic right here, right now. While Virgo Season is increasing your perfectionism and fear of failure, it’s also providing you with a road map to get where you want. The secret is intentional action, and consistent commitment to your journey. The Taurus Moon encourages you to put in work today, but reward yourself with much-deserved breaks where you do nothing but relish in the infinite magic of the present moment.