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September 15, 2018

Jupiter in Scorpio aligns harmoniously with the Sagittarius Moon today, making it a perfect time for a monthly check-in when it comes to your intentions and ambitions. If you previously were letting yourself get stressed by minor details, financial obligations, or work drama, this alignment helps you see the bigger picture. Visualize yourself achieving all of your dreams — how would it feel? What would you do with your time? Who would you spend your time with? By mentally stepping into the life that you’re seeking to manifest, you help the Universe open the right doors for you and you give yourself a moral boost when it comes to remaining dedicated to your journey. Most of the things we worry about never come to pass, so today’s energy is about using your thoughts productively, and focusing on what’s the best that could happen rather than the worst case scenario. View yourself as the hero of your own story, and act accordingly.

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