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September 12, 2018

Today’s a good day for shooting your shot, Scorpio. Not only does Jupiter in Scorpio align with Pluto in Capricorn, but Jupiter also aligns with Venus in our sign, making it much easier to go after what you want and get it. If you’ve been wanting to make a huge professional move, now’s the time to send the email, ask for the promotion, begin the job search, launch your own business, etc… There’s no point in putting things off until later if you can take an initial step towards making your intention come true now. Plus, we’re still in the midst of the New Moon energy, meaning that the seeds you plant this week have the power to bloom beautifully within the next 6 months. So there’s no need to put pressure on yourself for everything to transform all at once. Just know that the Universe is working with you and you’re being divinely guided to overcome your fear of success/failure and ask for what you deserve.

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