Today may feel cosmically foggy, due to the combination of us getting used to our ruler Mars’ retrograde, the Moon entering Cancer and making an opposition to Neptune, and the Moon squaring Chiron. Whew. Anything that we bottled up within ourselves recently — or even for years — will come to the surface of our lives as the weekend begins. Keep a journal handy if possible, or go sit in nature and leave yourself some voice notes, reflecting on everything your subconscious wants you to feel. Do research on what it means to open your third eye (if you don’t yet know). Get curious about how raw, sensitive or vulnerable you may feel, rather than trying to be tough and act like you can push your emotions away. As Cancer Queen Solange reminds us, you can try to work it away, but it won’t work. Today’s energy is best for meditating, dreaming, hydrating, and indulging in pleasure and self-care rather than doing anything ultra practical.