The Moon is void in Aquarius for most of the day, which means it’s best to spend today tying up loose ends rather than trying to boldly launch anything new. We are also starting to really feel the energy of the upcoming Pisces Full Moon, which brings up repressed emotions to the surface of our lives, and asks us to be bold and courageous enough to speak our truth in matters of the heart and also when it has to do with creative desires. It’s important for you to focus on doing what feels right to you, Scorpio. You love helping and healing others, but the best way to be of service to the world is by prioritizing helping and healing yourself. That may mean making tough decisions, setting strict boundaries, and being more transparent about your needs and desires in your connections. Clear your throat chakra and let your voice be heard. Keep practicing it until it becomes a regular habit. This is one of the most powerful weeks for cutting toxic ties that are around and within you. You know what to do. Get it done.