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September 11, 2018

The Moon in Libra helps lighten up the mood after last Sunday’s serious Virgo New Moon. Do something today that enhances your creativity and allows you to socialize, have fun and celebrate life without caring too much about your to-do list. During Virgo Season we have to resist the urge to always control everything, and this lunar transit, plus Mars now being in Aquarius, will help us learn how to let go and let life lead the way. The Sun aligns harmoniously with both Jupiter and Pluto today, so it’s encouraged to be more carefree and optimistic in your daily activities, even if you’ve been navigating challenges these past few months. The key to boosting your mood, Scorpio, is to make self-care a priority. You shouldn’t wait until all of your responsibilities are completed to schedule in some “me time” or to do something fun. You should instead put taking care of yourself and your needs at the very top of your to-do list, and then the rest of your day will be so much more easeful and peaceful.

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