We’re still feeling the vibes from last night’s union between the Gemini Moon and Venus in Leo, Scorpio. This astro combination is encouraging you to step out of your comfort zone today, particularly in matters of the heart. If there’s something you’ve been wanting to explore or express, but you couldn’t fully find the words for it, you may suddenly get a spark of inspiration today, maybe through a movie quote, an image you see on social media, or a text you receive from a friend. This week’s message has been to pay attention to the signs, and trust the signals your own body, mind and heart have been sending you. Virgo Season’s perfectionist energy may at first lead you to second-guessing yourself, but the Leo-Gemini combination reminds you that part of the fun is not knowing what comes next. It’s best to put yourself out there even if it’s risky, than to forever wish you had.