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September 10, 2018

Mars, our co-ruling planet, shifts out of Capricorn and enters airy Aquarius today. This transit will light up our domestic sector for several weeks. Your mission is to work on healing any wounds that your inner child may have held on to throughout the years. Aquarius energy teaches us the power of detachment and looking at our lives from a unique and progressive perspective. Since we’ve just experienced a transformative New Moon in Virgo yesterday, we’re empowered to do the inner work and get to the root of our fears, insecurities, or limiting beliefs. It’s important for you to know how to mother/father/nurture yourself rather than expecting others to do it for you. Only you know what’s best for your healing and your growth, and this new celestial energy wants you to commit to giving yourself what you need to feel free. Mars’ transit in Aquarius and Venus’ entrance into Scorpio may have you acting brand new, saying and doing things you never thought you’d do. And this will be exactly what you need to embrace your newfound independence and morph into Scorpio 2.0.

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