The Sun is in Virgo as September begins, and the Moon is in airy Libra. We’re still feeling the structuring and liberating effects of the Virgo New Moon. This month will be magical, and all you have to do is be present to feel the magic. Even though Saturn, the Planet of Challenge, remains retrograde until September 18th, you will find yourself empowered and self-aware, ready to overcome hurdles with an unshakable inner peace. Gently guide yourself to the finish line. Once Saturn retrograde ends, you’ll be grateful for all the hardships you had to face these past five months, because it molded you into the peaceful warrior that you now are. You will not sit back quietly and allow people to colonize your space or your consciousness this month, or ever, Scorpio. You are the master of your own journey, and the more you trust yourself and your heart, the higher you soar. Happy September!