With your ruler Mars beginning its two-month retrograde on 9/9, you’ll find that this week is about looking within yourself for answers, and truly paying attention to the signs the Universe is making sure you see. Jupiter, the Planet of Abundance, will end its retrograde on the 12th, and since this activates your sector of communication, you may find that your ability to share your deepest truths increases as we navigate this week. Last week you had an epiphany about who you love, and this week you may feel more confident about your feelings, and ready to express them honestly and whole-heartedly. Take things breath by breath, babe.

Wednesday is a powerful day in numerology and astrology, and since our ruler Mars begins its retrograde in Aries, the other sign that it rules, we’ll be tapping into our inner reservoirs of strengtih, guidance, and awareness. Many Scorpios may find that their ability to tune into their ancestral world deepens. You may receive messages and omens from people in your sleeping or waking life. Butterflies, clouds, flowers falling on your shoulder, eagles flying in the sky, Phoenix imagery, literally seeing a scorpion in your environment… All of these aren’t coincidences, but forms of synchronicity. Pay attention, and if you can, keep a notebook handy to journal in a free flowing way. Mercury’s in Libra, activating our sector of healing, and that’s exactly what we’ll do this week. We’ll find it easy to heal. We’ll even find it fun.

Romantically, with Venus in Leo now making us feel more bold and sure of what we want, you may find yourself magnetically connecting to people who see you and hype you up. Let this happen, Scorpio. Whether it’s with a long-term lover who is treating you like it’s the first time you’re dating, or with a crush you recently admitted to having, you have the green light to ask directly for what you want. The key is to then release your expectation of how it shows up for you. If you’re talking to many people, you may find that the one suitor you expected to act in one way shows up for you in a completely other way. And someone you had previously ruled off as uninterested could show you just how deeply invested they truly are! Uranus is retrograde in Taurus, teaching us that life’s full of surprises, and the fun part is opening up to receiving the pleasant ones, while also understanding that feelings like mourning the end of a connection or detaching from your obsession is also part of the manifestation cycle.

Since we’re still feeling the liberating waves of the Pisces Full Moon, it’s a powerful time to partake in a releasing ritual where you think about or write down the dead weight you’re ready to let go of, and either tear, burn, shred or crumple up the paper as you visualize the weight falling off your shoulders. Remember to breathe, let yourself cry nourishing tears, and resist the need to always have it all together this Virgo Season, Scorpio. Imperfection is human. Imperfection is sexy. And you’re still figuring it all out as you go, so treat yourself with kindness. Treat yourself with love.

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