Scorpio, the Libra New Moon is the cosmic hug from the Universe that we’ve all been needing and seeking. It’s encouraging us to take a breaaathheerr, especially since Mercury Retrograde is in its final week. New Moons usually symbolize fresh starts, and this is the first new moon of the new season, however you’re encouraged to spend time re-evaluating your current trajectory, your relationships, and your spiritual practices before jumping into anything completely new. Scorpio, you may have a wake-up call this week, especially around Monday or Tuesday, that shows you moments when you’ve been waaaay too hard on yourself, and on those you love. You’ve protected your heart fiercely, because you’ve experienced profound pain in the past, but if you’re courageous enough, this week you can slowly let down your guard and believe in the power of healing, of forgiveness, and of trust.

Mid-week, the Moon enters Scorpio, making it one of the most emotionally and psychologically intense periods of the week. This is a potent period for reflecting on what your lunar intentions will be, especially since we’re now less than 1 month away from the start of Scorpio Season. Which habits do you want to leave behind, and which new ones do you want to integrate? Since Mercury is now in its home sign of Virgo, your powers of perception will increase tremendously, however our ruler Mars is in Gemini until March 2023, encouraging you to remain flexible and adaptable in the pursuit of your objectives. You won’t get there in a linear and fixed way. You’ll reach your dreams when you release the need to “get there” in the first place, and when you can master the art of simply being present, here. Easier said than done? Most definitely. But you’re a Scorpio — you enjoy a good challenge. Challenge yourself to meditate frequently this week, as you absorb the changing seasons and reflect on which dead leaves in your own life must now fall.

This weekend, the vibe significantly brightens as the Moon enters Sag, and harmonizes with the Sun in Libra. You may feel expansive, light-hearted, flirtatious, horny, and adventurous Friday through Sunday, so try to end the month of September and end the month of October in an abundant way. Say yes to outings with friends that feel purposeful and aligned, and also celebrate the fact that you almost made it through Mercury Retrograde, relatively unscathed. September 2022 was one of the most intense months of the year, Scorpio. And you’ve breathed your way through the turmoil, while celebrating your growth and consistency. Begin October with the knowledge that the best is yet to come. Everything you desire, and everything you worked for, is manifesting in your life, in divine timing. Celebrate yourself, and soar.

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