Scorpio, this first full week of November will feel like you’re in an alternate reality. You’re still absorbing all the downloads you received from the Taurus Blue Moon that took place last weekend, activating your partnership sector. You’re realizing that perhaps what you thought you wanted is not actually want you need right now. That means letting go of the idea of having a fixed plan. That’s what you’ll be invited to do this week. What does life feel like when you let yourself flow with the wind, rather than trying too hard to navigate it? What does it feel like to trust that even when everything feels like it’s falling apart, you are still cosmically aligned and divinely supported? You’re about to find out. And once you see, you won’t be able to unsee.

Even though Mercury will be direct this week, we will be feeling the post-shadow effects until November 19, so we’d benefit from treading lightly from making major decisions this week, but rather be in a state of reflection and recalibration. Our minds may feel like they’re still in a mental fog as Mercury spends another week in Libra, and you may be looking at the pros and cons of situations in your life, and in our larger society too. In the U.S., the elections on November 3rd will take place when Venus in Libra and Uranus in Taurus form a frictional aspect to each other, as well as the Moon and Neptune. It’s important for you to remain grounded and calm, Scorpio, especially since Mars will be spending its final 10 days retrograde in your sign.

You are a major power player this Scorpio Season, and more people are influenced and inspired by your actions than you realize. You may be feeling more radical, rebellious and revolutionary on Tuesday and Wednesday, so try to find outlets for the intensity that’s brewing within. Working out, making out, sex, soul-searching, therapy, making art, sleeping, hydrating… Let your Scorpio waters cleanse and purify you so that you continue to be the change you wish to see, this week and beyond. You are just as important and essential as any worldly President, so choose to be the president of your own life, and live with healing intention. Keep the highest good of all of humanity in mind.

Romantically, Venus and Mercury in Libra will have you seeking cuddles and fun companionship throughout the week. If that’s what you want, then own up to it, and it will come to you. You’ll realize this week that most of your challenges or struggles romantically come from not being honest about what you actually want. You may at times feel like you know it, but how much are your actions aligning with what you say you want? That’s what you’ll b reflecting on this week, and you don’t have to do it alone. Include your lovers, past, present, or potential, in some of the brainstorming you’re doing, because you’ll be curious about knowing what they want to, and it’ll be fun to have transparent together where you hold space for each other and grow together. It’ll be easier to open up to people who have been giving you butterflies, whether they’ve been a long-term boo or a new connection that’s unfolding in real time. Prepare for declarations of love to be made by or to you this week, particularly when the Moon will be in Cancer Wednesday and Thursday. Ooh la la, your open heart is a wonder to witness. Keep going my love! If you need help in opening up your heart chakra, make sure to watch my visual for Love Mantra. It’ll help you acknowledge that everything you seek already exists within you.

This week is still one of the best times to take part in a Full Moon Release Ritual. Take time this week to decide what you’re ready to let go of in the next six months, and start the process of doing so in order to make room for what you want I’ve written a Manifestation Moon Guide to help you with this process. Enjoy!