Scorpio, your season is getting progressively more intense as we approach the annual Scorpio New Moon taking place on the 15th. Plus your ruler Mars, the Planet of Action, ends its two-month retrograde in Aries on the 13th. This dark-of-the-moon week may make you feel the need to retreat into your Scorpio world and figure out the depth of emotions that live within you. However, Venus’ stay in Libra is encouraging you to let the people closest to you in on what you’re navigating internally. Try your best to find a balance between indulging in your solitude and connecting intentionally with those who love you. Then once the Scorpio New Moon strikes on Sunday, your whole life will feel brand new, and your soul will too.

On Monday and Tuesday, the Virgo Moon and the Scorpio Sun connect to help you feel more organized, purposeful, and driven. Your sector of tech and social networks is activated by the Virgo Moon, so you’ll find yourself in the mood to clean up your social media timelines and be more selective about what you consume, and why. Are the pages you follow aligned with the vibration you most consistently want to maintain? Or are you easily distracted or bogged down by the people and circumstances in your life? There’s no need to be too extreme about anything. Unfollowing or muting someone digitally doesn’t mean you’re cutting them out of your life forever, and it can always be a reversible decision. You should focus on doing whatever’s necessary to protect your peace and maintain equilibrium within.

Mid-week, the Moon shifts into Libra and encourages you to let your guard down romantically and socially. A beautifully alignment between Pluto and Jupiter in Capricorn allows you to trust in the unfolding of the events in your life, even if you previously felt insecure, unsure, or confused about the direction your relationships were going. Uranus’ retrograde in Taurus has also been throwing you for a loop, as you’ve been attracting people whose energy may be similar to past lovers, but whose existence and purpose in your life are completely unique. This week, you’ll have to try your best to accept people as they are, and not get caught up in fantasies of what you’re expecting them to be. That doesn’t mean you have to focus on the worst case scenario, but rather accept that fact that there’s so much you don’t know. Open yourself up to knowing, to listening, to asking, to admitting, and to seeing things you previously may have ignored. The 11/11/2020 portal on Wednesday will activate profound healing and transcendence within you. You’ll feel lighter than you have for months, even as we approach a spiritually transformative Scorpio New Moon this weekend. Spend time resting and reflecting in nature. Hydrate yourself, ground yourself, and pay attention to the signs, sychronicities, and angel numbers guiding you through this ascension portal. If the tears come, let them come. Let them cleanse you and let them help you see more clearly.

The dark of the moon in Scorpio will be felt most on Friday the 13th and Saturday the 14th of November. This is a powerful time to write down some of your most intense, secret, and passionate emotions, desires, fears, jealousies, sexual dreams, adventures, joys and questions. Your ability to admit the depths of your consciousness to your own self will deepen considerably, as will your ability to see through other people’s souls. People may find themselves both intimidated and intrigued by you, Scorpio. Focus less on how they’re perceiving you, and more on how you’d like to perceive yourself.

Use the New Moon in Scorpio on November 15th to write that dream self, and dream life, into existence. Speak it into existence. Dance it into existence. Sing, act, cry, love it into existence. Live out your ideal existence, even if you start off meditating yourself into that dimension. Choosing to schedule a self-care day, or week, for yourself before Scorpio Season ends is enough to begin a catalyst of profound change and self-empowerment. This is the week where it all changes and it just clicks for you. As you continue to commit to your evolution and unapologetically take care of yourself, your journey unfolds before your very eyes, and you trust that you are being divinely guided by an energy that’s not external, but deeply internal. Did you feel somewhat lost at the beginning of this week? That’s great, because you’ll be discovering your new self by week’s end. And you’ll be falling increasingly in love with yourself and what you’re here to create with each passing day. You’re an alchemist, Scorpio. And life is your magic potion.

For an inspiring New Moon Mantra to help you activate your inner alchemist, watch my visual below, and imagine yourself already “there”:

There’s our annual Scorpio New Moon this week, making it a powerful time to take part in a New Moon Intentions Ritual. Take time this week to decide what you’re ready to manifest in the next six months, and start the process of planting seeds that will help your garden flourish. I have created a Manifestation Moon Guide to help you with this process. Enjoy!