Happy New Moon Scorpio! As the rest of the world adjusts to yet another juicy phase of an epic collective rebirth, you’re standing tall in your power, more than ready for it with a big announcement of your own. This is your week for shooting your shot, leaving behind unhealthy habits, and taking more risks romantically, financially and professionally. Use the energy of Mars’ first full week direct in Aries to propel yourself to new heights by being bolder and more courageous. With your annual New Moon in the books, you’re ready for anything and everything. Use these powers wisely.

With Venus preparing to enter our sign on Saturday the 21st, we may be sensing that this week’s lessons are about establishing greater balance and equilibrium in our partnerships. If things have felt a bit off in your connections, and you’ve either been overextending yourself or not showing up as much as you could, then you may decide to shift gears this week, for everyone’s sake. Some Scorpios may be in the process of releasing any denial regarding the state of a connection that they may have overly idealized or fantasized about. If reality isn’t living up to your fantasies, you can either have a heart-to-heart about it during Venus in Libra’s final stretch and make the most of the new moon magic, or you can dream a different dream and align your actions, values, and partners to match that dream. The choice is yours, and it may not be super simple to make, so if you need time to think, journal, vent, debrief or make art about it, take all the time you need.

Your communication sector is activated by Jupiter and Saturn’s final stretch in Capricorn — on December 17th and 19th they switch into Aquarius. This week if you feel inspired to write or speak about something near to your heart, please tap into this cosmic motivation. During Mars retrograde you had so many visions and ideas of what was possible for you, but it may have felt like there was always one foot on the brakes, and it was challenging to get things moving. But now that Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto are all direct, you’ll feel yourself divinely grounded and guided. If all you do this week is focus on three tasks you want to complete that will kickstart a new chapter of your creative and professional trajectory, you’ll feel inspired to commit to this decision, and the step by step approach will help you reach the finish line sooner than you realize. Your rewards are literally right around the corner, and the New Moon in Scorpio will amplify the speed and potency of its delivery.

It’s time for a mid-month check-in. See what the stars have in store for you for the rest of November. Read Scorpio’s monthly forecast here.

Romantically, Scorpio, you’ll be feeling a blend of light-hearted and super intense energy. It may seem like just as you’re moving on from one chapter of your life, another one suddenly begins. This is due to Uranus’ placement in Taurus, activating surprises and unexpected change in Scorpio’s partnership sector until 2026. While this can make your relationships quite exciting, they can also feel destabilizing. That’s why before even trying to figure out what you want with your partner / crush / ex / potential bae, it’s essential for you to get clear about what you want with yourself, for yourself. If you’ve been in limbo or confused, setting intentions regarding your ideal love life will feel clarifying and fun to you. Make a playlist with songs that describe the ideal relationship (if any at all), you hope to cultivate in the near future. Write down the specific characteristics you’d like yourself to have as a lover, and you’d like your lover to have. What types of dates would you go on? What gifts would you give each other? When you get in arguments, how would you resolve your conflicts? How transparent and honest are you able to consistently be with each other?

Act as if your ideal love life already exists, and if it does, then nourish it and do something extra special this new moon week to make your lover know that you don’t take them for granted. Your heart chakra is opening up more and more, and simply making the decision to trust in love’s frequency will help you see just how abundant the force of love is. Once Venus enters Scorpio on Sunday, get ready for several weeks of pronounced attention romantically and platonically. The Sun may be shifting into Sagittarius by the end of the week, but the energy of Scorpio Season is truly only getting started, because Venus in Scorpio will keep the party going, and keep the clothes falling. Watch my visual for Love Mantra if you need help manifesting the partner(s) of your dreams. Ooh la la la laaa.

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Now that our annual Scorpio New Moon has taken place, you may feel a deeper sense of clarity, allowing you to partake in a New Moon Intentions Ritual. Take time this week to decide what you’re ready to manifest in the next six months, and start the process of planting seeds that will help your garden flourish. I have created a Manifestation Moon Guide to help you with this process. Enjoy!