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Scorpio’s Weekly Horoscope: 5.7.18 – 5.13.18

This is a significant week because it’s the last full week that Uranus, the Planet of Surprise, will be in Aries. Next Tuesday, May 15th, it shifts into Taurus for the first time in 84 years! Uranus will remain in Taurus until 2025. So the key objective this week is to reflect on how much your life has transformed during the Uranus in Aries transit, from 2011 to now. Think back to who you were at the start of the decade, and now that we’re nearing the end of this decade, observe all the internal and external shifts that have taken place, particularly when it comes to the work you do, the healthy boundaries you set, and your personal health and well-being. This is a powerful week for investing in self-care, no matter if you think you have time or not — make the time. This Uranus shift will be intensely felt throughout the cosmos, and the most important thing you can do is take care of yourself and minimize the pressure, anxiety or stress you tend to put on yourself, Scorpio.

Mid-week, the Moon in Pisces helps you nurture your sensitivities and get even closer to those you love. You’ll be feeling vulnerable, loving, soft and compassionate. This is a powerful time for speaking your truth in a way that allows you to be heard and appreciated. You will also be especially empathetic to those around you, and they’ll feel supported by you emotionally and physically. Just make sure that you’re not absorbing too much of their pain or problems, Scorpio. You may want to save everyone, but focus on saving yourself. Break down tasks into manageable and achievable ones, and make sure that they are a reflection of your soul’s desires, and not simply busy work or things that you’ve been conditioned to think you “have” to do. This week is about learning how to say “no” and not feeling bad about it. The more you practice putting your own needs first, the easier it becomes, and the more respected you’ll be.

This weekend, Mercury shifts out of Aries, and enters Taurus. Since Mercury is the Planet of Communication, these past few weeks may have felt more hectic, unpredictable, and impulsive when it came to your mental processes and modes of communicating with those around you. Aries energy empowered you to ask directly for what you wanted, but it also made you lack patience and easily lose your temper. Once Mercury shifts into Taurus this Sunday, you’ll find that there’s more balance in your relationships and you’re better able to understand others and feel understood. Mercury will remain in Taurus until the 29th, so if you have to sign contracts, have heart-to-hearts with friends, family, or co-workers, or engage in other important partnership discussions, these last few weeks of May are the best times to do so. Be sure to listen to my latest podcast episode, all about what to expect this Taurus Season, to maximize your chances in love, health, career and more.

Romantically, Venus in Gemini’s energy will help keep you light-hearted, flirtatious, charming and adventurous. While Taurus Season may have made you want to be more committed and feel more emotionally secure, Venus in Gemini serves as a contrast and teaches you to be more detached and release expectations. The more you let go of trying to control how your love life goes, the more it’ll evolve in a way that brings you peace and joy. This week, do something out of character for someone you care for. Write them an impromptu love note, take them out on a random date, play dress up at night, try a new sexual position, admit that you have a crush on them… Just go for it without overthinking it! Venus in Gemini vibes will encourage this playfulness and wild card behavior in you, as will the last full week of Uranus in Aries. This is a week where you should follow your whims and not worry too much about how it’s all going to play out. The Universe has a larger plan in mind, grander than you can ever imagine…

Enjoy this transformational week, Scorpio! Be sure to read your horoscope for May 2018 here.

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