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Scorpio’s Weekly Horoscope: May 25 – May 31, 2020

Life is going to get supremely interesting this week, Scorpio. We’re in an eclipse portal, which means the next two weeks are leading us to the Sagittarius Eclipse taking place on June 5, smack in the middle of Gemini Season and retrograde season. See what I mean by life’s getting interesting? With Sag energy activating our money and abundance sector, and Gemini energy activating our merging sector, this week you’ll find yourself exploring your relationship with your finances and your self-esteem. The Gemini New Moon energy is inspiring you to look into multiple ways of expressing yourself, and of earning money too. You can do more than one thing at once, as long as you commit to doing them well, and as long as you have fun while doing it too.

Jupiter, the Planet of Luck, is still retrograde in Capricorn, along with Pluto. This week is relatively calm astrologically, which means it’s an ideal time to use retrograde season to your advantage and finish the month of May strong. You know those projects you’ve been meaning to get to but that you keep putting off for some reason? The ones you daydream about completing but never actually get around to? This week, you may get a burst of motivation due to Mars in Pisces in your sector of creativity. You’ll find yourself becoming your own muse, and your creative interests will surge, allowing you to get to work, but in a more imaginative and free-flowing way than usual. Instead of forcing yourself to work a set number of hours, just work for as long or short of a time you intuitively feel is best for you in the present moment.

This week is about unlearning some of the more capitalistic ways of thinking, moving, speaking and living that we’ve internalized to a certain degree from a very young age. It won’t happen overnight, but as we approach eclipse season you’ll find yourself much more self-aware when it comes to your values, your worth, and what you’re giving your time and energy to. You’ll also find yourself opening up in your relationships more this week, due to Mercury’s final days in Gemini. Mercury in Gemini has taught you that people aren’t necessarily mind readers like you are, so if you want to get your point across, you have to let it be known in a clear and direct way. It’s also taught you that indecision and uncertainty are healthy and valid emotions, and sometimes it’s best to pause and admit you don’t know what you want rather than try to force yourself to go after what you think you “should” want.

The New Moon energy in the air will be felt quite strongly this week, Scorpio. Take time to set New Moon intentions — this recent Gemini New Moon is one of the most exciting and open-hearted we’ll experience this year, so all those thoughts and ideas rummaging through your mind should be documented, and you should have fun visualizing them into existence. If you need some cosmic inspo as you set your intentions, I invite you to watch my newly released visual for my New Moon Mantra, a musical meditation written by me (@dossevia) and produced by my friends Electric Butter. Thank you to all of you who have already watched it on my IG and on my site. I appreciate the love and support. Enjoy, and have a beautiful final week of May.

One response to “Scorpio’s Weekly Horoscope: May 25 – May 31, 2020

  1. I blocked a fellow Scorpio recently…She’s married, but claims that they’re “separated” and don’t communicate. Then she slipped one day and said,”we talk every day”… I’m going to continue the block for at least another week. I’m going to the dentist and taking a teacher cert test… will I ever get laid again? (kidding. kind of…)
    U are a wonderful writer & have a beautiful family. I listened to the New Moon affirmations 3 days leading up to the Gemini new moon. Hold it down! u and all yours, take care and stay safe.

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