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Scorpio’s Weekly Horoscope: March 5 – March 11

The week starts off with the Moon entering our sign for 2.5 days, and when blended with the energy of Pisces Season, our emotions will be heightened, as will our imagination and sex drive. Try not to push yourself to do too much at once on Monday. Instead, spend time becoming aware of feelings that you’re unearthing. Pisces Season increases our compassion and empathy for others, so you may find yourself able to forgive someone more easily, including yourself. This also is a continued vibe from the Virgo Full Moon which was emotionally intense, yet necessary. Be kind to yourself as the week begins, Scorpio. The Moon in your sign will make you feel the urge to get your life together, but make sure you’re not creating more problems than actually exist… You’re doing great exactly where you are.

On Tuesday, Mercury and Venus both enter fiery Aries, and this gives us a preview of Aries Season. When these planets were in Pisces, it was harder to focus on more practical matters. Our minds were off in their own world, and we were just letting our feelings lead the way. Aries energy is bold, passionate, powerful, and full of energy, so you may find yourself reinvigorated and full of drive once these power players settle into Aries. The one thing to beware of is going from 0 to 100 when it comes to your goals. If you move too fast, you may miss important details and end up feeling frazzled. Also make sure that you’re not taking on too much on your plate this week. You may overestimate your energy stores. You’re still recovering from the Full Moon, and we’re feeling the after-effects of the eclipses that took place in January and February. Plus, both Jupiter and Mercury are in their pre-shadow period, reminding us to take time to evaluate our journey rather than rushing full speed ahead. Moderation is key…

Venus in Aries will definitely spice up your love life, by making you more expressive and less passive-aggressive in love. You’ll be more direct with your partners, prospective partners, lovers or crushes this week. If you’ve been playing hard-to-get, it may be getting old and you may feel ready to lay your cards out in the open. People will be receptive to your transparency, and they’ll find your bold approaches to be impressive and sexy. Wednesday – the early weekend, with the Moon in Sag, you’ll be in the mood to do something adventurous and unexpected with someone who gives you butterflies. Go on a road trip, play hooky at work or school, let go of the conventional rules regarding what’s expected of you and let out your inner child.

A major event of the year happens on Thursday, March 8th. Jupiter, the Planet of Abundance, goes retrograde for four months. Since Jupiter is in our sign until November 8, 2018, Scorpios will feel this influence most intensely, and you’ve probably felt it for the past few weeks due to its pre-shadow period. So what to expect during Jupiter Retrograde? Flashbacks to childhood dreams you had buried within yourself and that are begging to be released. This is a time for checking in with your fears, your worries, your desires, your dreams… Your most authentic self. This journey won’t always be comfortable, because it will show you where you may have tried to cut corners to achieve your goals, and in certain ways it may lead to you feeling like you’re starting all over. In reality, you’re simply adjusting to a new timeline, where you’re letting go of outdated belief systems and even leaving behind the familiar. Jupiter Retrograde will allow you to pause, reflect, and renew. Anything that has to do with the prefix “re” will be centralized in your life. If you haven’t yet read Part 1 of my Jupiter in Scorpio Forecast, it’s now on sale, and I explain all about what the retrograde has in store.

The theme this week is to find a balance between fantasizing and taking the initiative. We’re about to get a break from the abundance of emotional Pisces energy in the cosmos, but we should be grateful for everything that we’ve been learning. Being in tune with our emotions should be empowering, rather than overwhelming. The key is to not hold on too tightly to what we feel, and to realize that everything is temporary, so we shouldn’t take ourselves or life too seriously. Let your dreams guide the way, but also don’t get so lost in the clouds that you can’t find your way back down… What’s one goal you hope to achieve this week? Just one? Don’t put too much on your plate. Just focus on that one goal that will make you feel satisfied and at ease. Dedicate yourself to that, and every day, celebrate whatever progress you’ve made. Tomorrow is another day. And you are growing stronger each day, Scorpio.

Have an empowering week! Let us know how it’s going in the comments below 🙂

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14 responses to “Scorpio’s Weekly Horoscope: March 5 – March 11

    1. same here, I hope it will end soon. I am trying to enjoy whatever job I have now( not really???) please guide me too..

  1. I began reading your forecasts and I can’t stop reading them. Everything I read here is connecting me with myself and calming me in such an easy way. Thank you so much. Keep shining and lighting us up.

  2. Really needed to hear some of these things as my week progresses on. A lot of things make a little more sense. The eclipse brought the end to a relationship for me, so the “Re”is so important right now.

  3. I am on a new path with a job interview lined up on Wednesday. I am starting over my career after so many years at one company. Since November it’s been a wild ride that is starting to come together. I have also been reflecting on my childhood, which amazing to hear in this forecast.

  4. Through a tough time i’m facing at the moment, the above makes me feel so much more comfortable with where my life is taking me. I connect with it, and it reminds me that it’s not that bad after all 🙂 thank you.

  5. I’ve come to rely on your words & wisdom very much this year. With all of the highs & lows with the recent full moons it truly feels as if I have a guardian angel over my shoulder letting me know everything I’m feeling is okay & things will work out as they should. Truly amazing how 100% spot on you are in so many details. Thank you so very much, every day!

  6. The month of Feb has been very emotional. I’ve felt lost,like inn just going in circles. Definitely emotional. I’ve felt like I had a huge to do list and couldn’t compete any 1 thing. Needless to say I’ve been slacking, daydreaming and feeling like I had no time. So I got behind on reading your daily, weekly and monthly reports. Every single one describes me tho the tee. Which helped me to understand and learn rather than dwell and remain going in circles. My life is 100% so much better even on my super stuck and emotional days because everything is temporary and something to lear from. Scorpiomystique you Are someone special and very needed and appreciated

  7. I have been interviewing for jobs like crazy after being unexpectedly laid off in January while I was sick. I’m worried about my financial obligations and am constantly trying to suppress fear. Do you have any guidance?

  8. Looking forward to Thursdays major event of the year. Hoping for the career/ life changing event for life! Over due for that Celebration.

  9. i am having crush over my cancer neighbor girl after february eclipse, i want her to be my life partner. what can i do? i dont want any other in my life.
    but i am having fear whether i will get her in my life. please guide me

  10. This is a great site which is really helpful for Scorpions!

    Yes, I as well feel the “Re” effect as far as my career goes..about to start a new assignment using the earlier set of skills. Re !!

    However, per Vedic astrology, Jupiter is still in Libra, meaning 12th house for Scorpios.
    It will arrive in Scorpio only after October 2018. So I wonder how these 2 sciences tie together…

    Also, my general question is that if our planets decide everything for us, is there anything that is “unknown” to the Master of The universe or God.
    Meaning is it like we are just flowing thro’ a pre-recorded set of events? Similar to watching a movie..? The only unknown for us is that we do not know what is next event in my life?


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