Scorpio, this final stretch of Pisces Season will remind you of the healing power of rest. Once Aries Season starts this weekend, work and productivity will take over and you’ll feel super re-energized. But the only way to benefit from this cosmic restart is by being intentional about recharging your batteries during the last few days of Pisces Season. Before saying yes to duties or events, ask yourself if you truly have the capacity or desire to show up. Choose sleep over societal expectations. 

Monday’s Aries Moon can help you feel like you’re getting back on track with professional ambitions that were previously placed on the back burner. But make sure you’re not piling too much on your plate, especially with Mars currently in Gemini for several weeks, diversifying your attention and leading to you being easily inspired, but not necessarily super disciplined. Then Tuesday – Thursday, the Moon shifts into Taurus and your focus becomes more on your partnerships — both business and romantic. If something feels off, this is the time to address it so that you’re not entering the new astro year with baggage from your past. But you may need help in facing the truth about what needs to be removed, or improved in your life. So don’t be too stubborn to reach out to a close friend, family member, or therapist if they’re accessible to you and willing to hold space for you, Scorpio. Pisces Season is here to help you deepen your sensitivity to yourself and others, and to heal deep wounds. You got this.

As the weekend gets started, the combo of the Moon and Mars both being in Gemini means that you may find yourself conflicted about what or who to give your attention to. One moment you’ll want to get lost in a book, the next you may want to write your own book, and the next you may just want to lay around and do nothing. Instead of beating yourself up for your lack of attention, start laughing more about it and getting curious about what it’s here to teach you. Maybe your perceived boredom is an indication that you should be taking more risks and doing more of what you love. If you’ve been wanting to sign up for a new course, or quit your job and look for an alternative career path, this is a powerful week to let yourself dream of new possibilities, without necessarily committing to them yet. The world is as expansive as you give yourself permission to see and experience it, Scorpio. Step out of the box and soar.

Romantically, Venus’ stay in Pisces has had you feeling more feels than one can write a novel about. This entire week you’ll have love on your mind, and you may find yourself feeling more raw after the Pisces New Moon. If you’re still healing from a recent end of a relationship (or not so recent), know that this may be one of the weeks where the stinging hurts most, but that’s because Aries Season will help you approach life from a new perspective and not take everything so seriously or personally. But as for now, it’s okay to let yourself cry or be disappointed, because you need to feel those feelings before you can feel anything else. Happily coupled or getting to know someone? The key is to not worry about thinking if it’s too good to be true or not, and simply stay focused and present with the blessings you’ve been offered. No matter your relationship status, this is an ideal week to get clear about what you’re seeking in a partner, if anything at all, and most importantly, to decide the qualities and vibe you’ll emit as a lover and partner yourself. That’s ultimately the vibration on which the Universe will work to get you what you want in life and in love. You’re the captain here. Make this a week to remember.

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