This eclipse week will challenge you to keep going even when you felt like all you’ve been doing is going, going, going. Scorpio, you’re almost there. This is a lunar eclipse week, which means something major is coming full circle, and after you’ve made it through this passage, you’ll be offered a major period of rest. But it’s essential for you to still find time this week to integrate relaxation and mindfulness in all that you do, because everything is unfolding more rapidly than you thought was imaginable. Stay grounded.

As the week begins, the Moon’s void presence in Libra may have your heads a bit up in the clouds. But by Monday night, the Moon shifts into Scorpio for 2.5 days, and when you combine that energy with the recent shift of our ruler Mars into Aries, you’ll find yourself feeling more powerful, bold, sexy, and dangerously daring than ever. Since Mercury’s still retrograde until July 12th, it’s best not to do anything too reckless, but you’ll find that your abilities to stay focused and direct your energy in the direction that’s most purposeful to you will increase Tuesday – Thursday in particular.

The Capricorn Full Moon Lunar Eclipse takes place on July 4/5, and we tend to feel the effects of full moon eclipses most intensely in the 4-5 days that precede it, so if you find that your energy levels are unstable mid-week, it’s perfectly normal. The Moon is becoming increasingly more visibly full with each day, and as are your own emotions. The best thing you can do each day this week is consciously decide what you’ll let go of that day. Whether it’s donating clothes, shredding paperwork that have been taking up space in your desk, doing a digital detox, getting back into a fitness routine to feel mentally and physically stronger, or quitting a habit that kept holding you back, this lunar eclipse week energy will remind you that you’re the captain now, and if you decide you want better for yourself, you better follow through with consistent action and self-direction. It’s a no-nonsense type of lunar energy that doesn’t have patience for procrastination or self-sabotage. The work you’re putting in now is what your future self will thank you for later. And if you’ve been putting in the work since the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Capricorn that took place on December 26, 2020, then chances are you’ll reap the rewards around this weekend!! Check out my recent announcement for a real life example of manifestation in action. Thank you Universe!

This is the first full week that Venus, the Planet of Love, is no longer retrograde in Gemini, so you may notice a shift in the way you give and receive love, or even just how you choose to open yourself up to new connections. If previously you had doubts about what your next steps should be, you’ll find yourself feeling a bit more clear this eclipse week, but Mercury’s continuing retrograde until July 12th is encouraging you to hold off before making dramatic break-ups, make-ups, or declarations. There are still more elements to the picture that must be revealed, so while Mars in Aries could activate a more impatient and restless side of you in love, Jupiter, Pluto and soon to be Saturn in Capricorn encourage you to slow your roll and ask yourself what it is you truly want. Get clear on that before needing to get answers from others. If you need a bit of a cosmic boost, consider doing KTZ’s free full moon manifestation ritual.

Chances are, you’ll start to figure out what you want once eclipse season has passed and Mercury has gone direct next week. In the meantime, be here now, even when things are messy, confusing, frustrating or isolating. Know that this too, is part of the process of ascension. Shadow work is part of our essence as Scorpios, and there’s no running from it, particularly not during a lunar eclipse week. Stay hydrated, well-rested, and concentrated on your most important objectives, Scorpio!

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