This last full week of Cancer Season will feel both whimsical and purposeful for you, Scorpio. You’ve made it through the second Mercury Retrograde of 2020, and because Mercury is now direct in your sector of expansion, philosophy and adventure, you’re ready to give more attention to these areas of your life this week. You may have been second-guessing yourself regarding a move you’d like to make, either physically or psychologically. This is the week where you start to gain greater confidence in the new beginning you’ve been wishing for. It’s just around the corner.

With the Moon in Taurus activating Scorpio’s partnership sector during the first part of the week, we’ll find ourselves thinking of our relationships — not only the romantic ones, but also familial, platonic, professional, and all situationships we may have found ourselves in. The lunar eclipse that took place earlier this month has helped highlight how certain patterns in our connections have to end in order for us to reach the next level in our personal and interpersonal journeys. But it’s one thing to be aware of cyclical patterns that are detrimental, and it’s another thing to follow through and actually do the cord-cutting to stop those patterns from repeatedly playing out. Now that Mercury’s direct in Cancer and Chiron, which represents our inner wounds, is retrograde in Aries (in Scorpio’s sector of haling and wellness), we’ll find ourselves looking at our dynamics head-on and not being in denial about what must go, and what must stay.

Thursday – Saturday, the Moon in Gemini helps lighten up the week and reminds us that laughter is a soothing and healing balm for the soul. No matter how chaotic or disturbing things may be getting on a societal level, you can always remind yourself of life’s simple pleasures and bask in them, thus grounding yourself in the present moment while also remembering that the only thing constant about life is change itself. You may hear some unexpected news during this Gemini Moon transit, or you may have to may a spontaneous leap of faith in a quick amount of time. Tune out all the extra noise and listen to what you intuitive think is best — your intuition strengthens considerably during these final days of Cancer Season, so use these powers wisely.

Since we’ll be undergoing the dark-of-the-moon period this weekend once the Moon shifts into Cancer, your love life may have more dramatic elements to it as the weekend unfolds. Hidden secrets, longings, desires, or misconceptions may be the topic of discussion with a past, current, or potential romantic partner. It’s best to view transparency, accountability and open, honest communication as your best asset this weekend, Scorpio. If you’ve done things that you need to heal from, it’s best to admit to it rather than be in denial of it. The same goes for someone you’re connected with currently or are thinking of connecting to in the past — this is the weekend where you both may ask each other the tough questions regarding who else you’re connecting with or what you really want from each other. Now that Mercury’s direct, it’s best to figure things out clearly and without mind games. If you can push through the initial discomfort, you’ll enjoy the breakthrough and be prepared for the awakening energy of next week’s New Moon in Cancer. You got this, Scorpio. Keep showing up for your most actualized self.

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