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Scorpio’s Weekly Horoscope: February 19 – February 25

Welcome to the first full week of Pisces Season, Scorpio. This week is about changing your view of what “productivity” means. You won’t necessarily be in the mood to put in constant work to reach a certain goal. Pisces energy is non-linear. It’s all about floating and flowing your way through life, letting your internal sensations guide you along the way. Since we’ll be feeling the energy of last week’s eclipse all month long, it’s normal for you to feel a bit mentally foggy and less focused this week. You should take it easy and let yourself dream, fantasize, and chill out. You’ve been putting so much pressure on yourself since the year began, but why, Scorpio? Pisces Season will help you get some much needed R&R, and you’ll find that as you release the grips on controlling every little detail, life finds a way of working itself out better than you could have ever expected.

Because your dream world will be heightened, it is recommended to find physical activity to commit to this week, or else your energy could run low. Yoga, walking, making love… do anything that helps you release stress and stay centered. Connect your breath to your body. Stretch your legs and arms. Get a massage. Be in tune with what your body needs… If you haven’t yet set New Moon Intentions, you have until the 25th to do so, and you can use my free guide as inspiration. Focus on how you want to feel rather than what you want to achieve. It’s important for you to recondition your mind so that you can outgrow patterns or behaviors that are more detrimental than helpful. Pay attention to any addictions or toxic habits you have in your life, especially ones you may be in denial of. Since Pisces Season represents the final chapter of the astrological year, you can commit to starting anew when it comes to your mental, physical and spiritual health. But that means facing the more shadow sides of yourself with love and compassion.

Speaking of love, during Aquarius Season you may have been focused more on your home and your career, and you were also navigating platonic relationships more than romantic ones. But Pisces Season puts love back at the center of your mind, and it’s important for you to ask yourself if you’re giving others the energy you want to receive. This is a week to check yourself if you’ve been really moody or snappy with others, or if you’ve been pushing people away. The Pisces energy in the air helps bring our vulnerability to the surface, whether we like it or not, so you may have breakthroughs once you open the gates of communication. This isn’t only romantically speaking, but in terms of friendships too. You may suddenly see a situation in a new light, and realize you’ve been too harsh on someone. Don’t let your pride stop you from making amends, especially if your heart no longer wants to hold a grudge anymore. Let it go, Scorpio. Take deep breaths, and let it go.

All in all, this week is about allowing yourself to simply be. It’s not as much about crossing items off your to-do list or pushing yourself to do it all. You don’t benefit from that kind of stress-inducing lifestyle. You have to find balance within yourself. You have to take care of your body and your health. And you have to let yourself dream, relax, and enjoy the simplicities of life. Ask yourself how you can make your life simpler. Eliminate tasks and items that are draining you or distracting you from your purpose. Realize that in about a month, spring will begin in the Northern Hemisphere, which means you’re spiritually in a phase of closure and release. It’s normal to feel all the feels when you’re in such a purging process, which is why you need to be kind to yourself. Fill yourself with constant love. Drink healthy fluids. Sleep. Sing. Simply be. It’s all good.

Have a great week, Scorpio! Let us know how it’s going in the comments below 🙂

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16 responses to “Scorpio’s Monthly Forecast”

  1. Live by Scorpio mystique’s stars.
    Always 100% correct, it’s as if she is reading my soul and predicting my future.
    Thank you. You give me so much insight xxxx

  2. Thank you for any other magnificent post. The place else may just anyone get that kind of information in such a perfect approach of writing? I’ve a preeontatisn next week, and I am on the look for such info.

  3. I just finished reading my birth chart and it was fascinating ! It really made me see myself in a different light . I also got a good laugh at parts that I couldn’t believe would come out in my birth chart ! I highly recommend ! And thank you for taking your time on it .

  4. What a great find… this beauty truly kknows the Scorpio ways very accurate usable readings…they really resonate!
    Thank you Scorpiomystique

  5. Thnxxx for always giving me just that final push to go on or to take that last step I need. Just met my Leo this week and wonder how we will fit together. ❤❤❤

  6. Words just can’t describe how truly amazing u are , everyday u blow me away with how well u know me but never even met me!! Scorpio 11:10:81 here and I’m not sure about the rest of u but this is me everyday!!! Inspired

  7. I wanna understand and know my birth chart , how do I get this? Much love coming your way everyday ?❤️?‍♀️? my love life with Gemini is killing me this year and I can’t seem to stay on any path , too many losses recently and I’m about to make a life changing decision and don’t know if I should stay or go……. each day your words hit me deep in my souls and motivate me in a way I never been before ❤️❤️❤️Incredible

  8. Your words resonate with my whole being Scorpio Sister! Thank you for allowing me the tools to better know myself and those around me! Always spot on!

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4 responses to “Scorpio’s Weekly Horoscope: February 19 – February 25

  1. Thank you, thank you for being such a positive influence on my life, even when difficulties arise. When I read your horoscopes, I feel like my Scorpio family is there with me, and I feel like you are a strong woman cheering us on to be our best and fiercest.
    I am immensely blessed, but I have struggled these last few years.
    Your writings are in tune with my life, and I feel they are truly inspirational and empowering.
    So, thank you for sharing your gifts. There are those of us who see our days more clearly and positively because of you!

    1. I just want to second what Court said– really beautifully articulated, Court! I too feel a really incredible sense of Scorpio community through Scorpio Mystique and its followers; you make me feel less alone in my struggles, and bring together people seeking the light and the best version of themselves. What a magical gift that is, I’m so grateful for your work, energy and time. Thank you!

      And I just want to say Court- I’ve also had a challenging few years, even with all the blessings I’m aware of and grateful for. I just wanted to say you’re on a parallel journey with a fellow Scorpio, and I’m sending lots of love and positive energy your way! 🙂


  2. So true! I love that you’re now doing a podcast look at the universe it is so abundant. Can’t wait to tune in dosse! Love and light to you beautiful xox

  3. Dosse Via teaches and renewed my confidence in the benevolence of the Universe and it’s good intentions for us all. Thank you darling you spirit.

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