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Scorpio’s Weekly Horoscope: August 6 – August 12, 2018

This week’s full of profound astrological changes, including Venus entering Libra, Uranus going retrograde, and us experiencing the final eclipse of 2018. Brace yourself, Scorpio, it’s going to be a wild ride. Humanity has been undergoing profound changes on a personal and universal level due to retrograde and eclipse season, and because you are also experiencing Jupiter in your sign for three more months, you’re probably more sensitive to these changes than any other zodiac sign. At times you may feel on top of the world, and other times you may feel low and misunderstood. All of this is quite normal, and it’s important for you to take good care of yourself this week (and always), instead of trying to always fix yourself.

On Monday, Venus shifts out of Virgo and enters Libra where it will remain until early September. Since Venus rules Libra, it feels at home in this sign, and you’ll notice that you’re less judgmental in your relationships and people are less critical of you. Your spirituality sector will be highlighted, making it a perfect time to be honest about any of the messiness that exists in your relationships and friendships. Messiness is a normal part of life — perfection is an illusion. So as long as you’re not in denial of the mess, you’ll be able to navigate it with more clarity and with less of a need to control every part of the relationship. If you’ve been wanting to talk things out with an ex, a lover, a close friend, an old friend, the one that got away, the one you’re crushing on, or anything of the sort, this is a good week to do so, because both parties will be open to hearing each other out.

Tuesday the 7th, Uranus, the Planet of Surprise, goes retrograde in the sign of Taurus, highlighting your partnership sector. This is another reason it’s essential to face the truth in matters of the heart or friendship dynamics. Uranus tends to bring up the unexpected in our lives, but because you’re so intuitive, Scorpio, it’s likely that you already had a sense that some of these changes or situations were happening. But they’re simply going to be brought to light. Perhaps someone will finally admit the truth about why they’ve been acting a certain way, or they’ll call you out if you’re the one who’s been acting a bit off. You may have to navigate some recurring patterns in your love life that aren’t helping you thrive. Jealousy, manipulation, obsession, or closing yourself off from others are fine from time to time, but if it’s become your go-to habits then Uranus Retrograde will challenge you to form new ones. Don’t fight the changes that happen in your relationships and friendships this week. They’re necessary for your growth.

The Moon entering Cancer Wednesday – Friday will help you slow down and get in tune with what your soul needs. It’s important for you to balance material ambition with a desire to achieve spiritual well-being. Yoga, meditation, therapy, journaling, crying, venting and releasing some deeply held feelings are essential before the weekend begins. You’re mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically making room for the New Moon eclipse energy on Saturday. It’s okay to feel moody and emotional during these days. Be an observer of your emotions, and try to clarify which ones keep popping up most consistently and why. It’s important for you to be around nurturing, compassionate and sensitive people who don’t judge you.

Finally, Saturday the 11th brings the final eclipse of 2018, in the fiery sign of Leo! Congratulations, Scorpio. Ever since January 2018, you’ve been going intense eclipses that have led you to reconsider several aspects of your life. You may have moved, change jobs or relationships, lost friendships, gained new ones, gone on a spiritual or physical journey, and shed your skin so many times that you are still taking time to recognize who this new version of you is. This Solar Eclipse in Leo is a supercharged New Moon, and it’s highlighting your career and social network sector. Set intentions around this time for where you see yourself in the next 6 months. Read my free New Moon Guide for tips on how to do so. You may receive an amazing reward or recognition in the 10 days following this eclipse, and you may embark on a new chapter of your professional journey. This is the perfect time for a major launch, even with Mercury still being retrograde. The energy of the Leo eclipse will outweigh any other astrological energy, and it will help you feel refreshed, unstoppable, and incredibly confident. Just make sure you’re not simply focused on your own glow-up during this time. Take time to make sure your whole team’s winning too. There’s strength in numbers, and you’ll want to celebrate this milestone with those who have always had your back.

For more astrological guidance on how to make the most of this week, watch my latest vlog episode. I share insights on the major transits happening this week, including this final eclipse of the year. The astrology segment starts at the 10 minute timecode, but I hope you’ll take time to watch the entire episode! Be sure to subscribe to stay in tune with my life in the Motherland. Have an empowering New Moon week, Scorpios!

Want a bit of inspiration on your healing journey during this New Moon? My New Moon Mantra may provide the words you seek. Enjoy!

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  1. Hello, I feel really bad for over 3 years I was waiting to hook up with this Piscis 11/6/76 and. he is 3/10/84 😳
    we had only me once but we always wanted to meet , so we didnit was magical!!!
    but then ge disappeared, he would ask me what I was doing today”
    IWould say I have plans , but he would not make the effort to see me
    Anyway IM tired!!! of misunderstandings!!
    Like you mentioned I feel great and thans things loke this make me feel hopeless
    So when it’s my time ??? 😖😔😔😔😔

  2. I’m not sure what to make of this eclipse season. It hasn’t been unusual but some things related to my job have come to light. I’m going with the flow (for a Scorpio…) which is hard. I’m keeping positive and taking day by day, it’s so strange that at the same time I feel like crying. I have dreams with messages and dreams that don’t make sense. Don’t know what the eclipse will bring but hoping for the best.

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