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Scorpio’s Weekly Horoscope: 4.9.18 – 4.15.18

We’ve made it to the final week of Mercury Retrograde, Scorpio. And this week also leads up to a beautiful New Moon in Aries — the first New Moon of the astrological year. Use these major milestones as motivation to stay focused and take things one step at a time this week. You’re almost at the finish line, and your new beginning awaits. But before we get to Sunday, you do have to face projects you’ve been putting off, conversations you’ve been avoiding, and important self-care rituals you have yet to implement. The Moon in Aquarius Monday and Tuesday helps you reflect on your community and social group. They may have found you to be more private than usual recently, and you may make more of an appearance as the week begins, letting them know what’s on your mind. You’ll find that people are very interested in what you have to say and share, and it’ll be easier for you to reveal what your interests and passions are.

Then mid-week, the Moon shifts into sensitive Pisces, and you may feel the urge to revert to your dreamworld. But a harmonious alignment between Venus in Taurus and Mars in Capricorn takes place on Wednesday, April 11, and helps ground you back into reality. You may realize that being more vocal about your needs, romantically and personally, is all you have to do to feel more at ease with yourself and others. You may have been expecting people to read your mind (or facial expressions), but with this being the final week of Mercury Retrograde, you shouldn’t resort to subliminal means of communication. You have to be more direct and lay it all out in the open if you hope to see progress. Fortunately, Wednesday is a great day for a heart-to-heart. The blend of Pisces, Taurus and Capricorn energy will help you be both a great listener and sensitive communicator. Your ability to let people in will intensify with this transit, and you may feel a connection with someone who just “gets it”.

This weekend’s all about celebrating the end of Mercury Retrograde and gearing up for the Aries New Moon on Sunday. Friday and Saturday, take time to process all that’s gone down ever since Mercury Retrograde began on March 22. You’ve probably dealt with several elements from the past popping back up, and you may have realized that it’s counterproductive to keep bringing up old trauma for the sake of wallowing in it. If instead, you’ve chosen to be intentional about your healing process, you may have used this retrograde to commit to your own growth, face your pain or trauma in the face, and decide that it’s time to surmount it rather than letting it rule you. You may have also realized that it’s time to let things go that you’ve held on to as a security measure. Perhaps your unwillingness to truly forgive someone that deserves your forgiveness comes from your fear of being vulnerable, honest, and accepting that everyone — including yourself — makes mistakes. And while not everyone deserves another chance, once Mercury goes direct at 5:21am on Sunday 4/15, and the New Moon strikes at 9:57pm that same night, you may be able to trust your instincts more intuitively. You’ll know if it’s right to open your heart and trust again.

Romantically, Venus in Taurus continues to help you ground yourself and center yourself after a whirlwind of Aries energy. As we approach Taurus Season, you’ll be thinking more about ensuring balance in your partnerships, and also addressing long-term desires rather than focusing on short-term results. Where do you see yourself 1, 3, 5 years from now when it comes to creating your romantic reality? Use my free New Moon Intentions Guide to clarify your intentions, because the Universe responds to what you tell it that you want. You can’t be vague or unclear and expect to get magical results. You have to make time to be purposeful about what your desires are, and you can’t be too afraid to write or speak it into existence. If you need help realizing just how infinite your romantic possibilities can be when you let go of generalizations and limiting beliefs, I just released a new episode of my podcast “KnowTheZodiac with Dossé-Via”, where I discuss the love languages of astrology, and what Aries Season has to teach us romantically.. Listen to it on iTunes and Soundcloud. This advice about being more aware of what you’re asking for applies to all aspects of your life, Scorpio, and this is what this New Moon week is about. Create room for the magic. Clarify your purpose. And be brave enough to take action and practice what you preach. Got it? Good 🙂 Now have a phenomenal week! Be sure to check out your monthly horoscope here.

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