This final week of Aries Season will encourage you to create a new daily routine that feels fun and sustainable, Scorpio. It begins with the amount of discipline you can cultivate mentally as the week begins and the Moon in Capricorn activates your communication sector. Take a look at your to-do list and start circling the action items that have the greatest bang for your buck. Instead of filling your day with mundane tasks, start tackling the ones you’ve procrastinated most on. You’ll feel confident and full of mental clarity as a result of doing so.

Wednesday – Friday, the Moon shifts into Aquarius, making the middle of the week a prime time for focusing on shifting dynamics at home and making sure your environment feels easeful and secure. While many factors may be shifting at once, it’s a powerful week to ask yourself what your current values, needs, and aspirations are when it comes to maintaining your relationship with your family and those who feel like family. If you’re envisioning a move or you’ve recently moved, this week you’ll get the green light to celebrate or explore this new chapter. The energy from last week’s Libra Supermoon is still going strong, and it’s encouraging you to lighten up regarding figuring out the “how, what, why, when, where” of certain situations. Simply make room for it to manifest when it’s time to.

With Venus in Gemini activating your sector of depths and intimacy, and Mercury now in Aries, lighting up your sector of service, this week you may find yourself more open to socializing with new people, particularly online or via video chat. However you’ll have to be selective with who you give the most time, energy, and attention to, because there’s a likelihood that your creative and romantic sides will compete for your attention. Say yes to facetime dates, but make sure you schedule them in and they’re not back-to-back. Also make sure you don’t end up in a digital overload this week with all this air and fire sign energy. Take breaks from social interaction and spend time dating yourself. Enjoy your solo moments on your own, reading a book, having a warm bath or shower, reading your sex scopes at, and falling in love with what makes you so special. The more into yourself you are, the more others will be drawn to you.

This weekend, the Pisces Moon and Aries Sun help us find a balance between sensitivity and action. A part of us can tell that it’s time to get going on a dream that we previously put on hold, and another part of us may need Taurus Season to begin for us to feel fully passionate about it. Well this Sunday at 10:45am EST, the Sun shifts out of Aries and enters Taurus for the next four weeks. With your partnership sector activated starting this Sunday, get ready for people to email you about exciting collaborative projects, and for your crushes to let you know their feelings for you are reciprocal. Your relationship with yourself also deepens during Taurus Season, because you’re able to use the practical energy in the air to get serious about self-improvement. This may be one of the most productive and refreshing weeks you’ve experienced so far this month, Scorpio, even if we’re still in the midst of uncertainty. Listen to KTZ’s Supermoon Mantra whenever you feel the need to calm your nerves and spiritually reset yourself. Take things breath by breath, and soar.

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1 review for ScorpioMystique’s 2020 Cosmic Guide

  1. Larz Hitchcock

    Funny last week I saw it written “It’s time for hibernation”.
    Then after getting a weekly forecast for months on end, no forecast.
    Must be a full fledged Hibernation!! lol jk – hope everything is well and good
    Will look forward to another weekly forecast down the road.

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