It’s a powerful Full Moon in Pisces week, Scorpio. The Pisces Full Moon occurs the early morning of Saturday, September 14th, but since this is the last full moon in an astrological cycle (Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac), we have been feeling its upcoming energy for most of the month. This week’s main theme is all about this Pisces Full Moon. Something must come to an end, most likely something that’s been a large part of your life for the past 6 months. This ending is essentially a new beginning, but you must take time to process what emotions come up before rushing into your fresh start. If you need to mourn, let yourself mourn. If you need to celebrate a major milestone, let yourself celebrate. If you need to sit in silence and cry, allow that to be done. This week is about being so deeply in tune with your needs, and being courageous and brave enough to express them.

You’ll find yourself being more deeply sensitive and emotional than you have in a while under this Full Moon energy. While it may be tempting to resort to escapist behavior such as drugs, alcohol, sleeping forever, procrastinating on projects and numbing yourself as a way to distract yourself from painful emotions, it’s best to dive fully into what you feel. Journal about it. Scream about it. Write a song. Look at yourself in the mirror and get real about what you see. This Full Moon is about shadow work, and accepting the imperfections that exist in human beings. We are all fragile, we are all growing, at different rates. Sometimes your journey isn’t compatible with someone else’s evolution, and as much as you want to hold on, you can’t. And other times, everything you’ve been wishing for magically manifests before your eyes, and you have to accept your blessings instead of falling into the trap of self-sabotage and pushing away what you’ve asked for.

There’s a major theme of duality this week, so it’s quite possible that you’ll get incredible news about something, while also feeling nostalgic or saddened by the loss of something else. For many Scorpios, Virgo Season has been great for our creative and professional goals, but it has also led us to have to be more discerning in our relationships. Maybe you can clearly see now who has your best interest at heart, and who was a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Since Neptune, the Planet of Fantasy, is also retrograde in the sign of Pisces, and Uranus, the Planet of Revolution, is retrograde in Taurus and activating our partnership sector, we are now taking off the rose-colored glasses and stepping out of any illusions we previously were being comforted by. This can feel a bit like a band-aid is being ripped off a wound that’s still healing. Ouch. But it will be replaced with a new bandage, one that’s healthier and will help you heal in a way that’s more sustainable and fresh. Yay! Take time to do a Full Moon Ritual that allows you to release the dead weight so you can soar higher.

On the same day as the Full Moon, Mercury, the Planet of Communication, and Venus, the Planet of Love, switches out of the critical sign of Virgo and enters airy Libra for several weeks. This is the Universe’s way of letting us know that everything’s going to be okay if we just chill out and breathe. We were really hard on ourselves and our lovers during Virgo Season (we had more than 5 planets in Virgo at one point!), and now it’s time to peacefully detach from needing to know the outcome of everything going on in our love and social lives. When blended with the energy of the Full Moon, you’ll feel a blend of emotion and emotional detachment. You’ll let yourself feel the feels, but you won’t be dictated by the way you feel. You’ll be able to find greater harmony and balance within yourself, and that will manifest as balance all around you too. This will give you a preview of the equilibrium that you’ll be sustaining throughout Libra Season, and it will help you keep faith in your relationships, even if the ride hasn’t always been smooth or easy.

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