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Scorpio’s Weekly Horoscope: 9.30 – 10.6.19

As September morphs into October, Scorpio, you are morphing into a human who doesn’t react to everything so quickly. You’re learning to breathe through the chaos, with the knowledge that it doesn’t last forever. You’re learning how to move your body when you’re feeling restless, so that your emotions don’t get stuck within you and your chakras can clear out. You’re learning to speak your truth more consistently, even if you fear being misunderstood. By not letting fear stand in the way of the actions you need to take this week, you will accomplish everything you’ve been putting off. View fear as a motivation to acknowledge obstacles and kick ass anyways.

This week can be one of the most productive weeks of October, because Pluto, one of your planetary rulers, ends its five-month retrograde on October 3rd. Pluto retrograde profoundly altered some of your closest relationships, because it revealed both your shadow side and others’. Not everyone could handle what they saw. There were moments when you retreated in your Scorpio cave because it was too much to bear. You had to figure out your own subconscious mind before trying to explain it to others. And whewww was it a labyrinth in there. But now that Pluto’s direct this week, you’re starting to find your way out. You’ve made it through the jungle, with scratches and scars to prove it. But you’re here. Alive and rising.

Now that retrograde season is behind us (other than the last and final Mercury retrograde taking place on the 31st of this month, but we don’t have to focus on that right now), it’s important for you to use the momentum of this week to your advantage. Set your New Moon Intentions if you haven’t yet, and do so in a place that inspires you and adds beauty to your inner and outer world. Too often, our anxieties and triggers come from not prioritizing harmony and balance. We try to do too much, too soon, and end up not being able to be fully present. Become aware of moments this week when you’re in a rush, and work on consciously slowing down. Pay attention to your breath. Pay attention to when you feel the urge to multi-task. Challenge yourself to give your full presence to where you are, what you’re doing, and who you’re talking to.

Romantically, this week can be full of thoughts of love, cuddling and connecting with the right person. With so many planets, including Venus, in Libra right now, you’re in a more romantic and social mood, and you shouldn’t be afraid to show it. If you’re turned on by someone, let them know. Don’t play mind games and increase your sexual frustration. If you want to forgive someone, ask for someone’s forgiveness, or give a relationship another try, this is the season to explore what those desires are, and not try to control why they’re emerging. Connect with your current boo, past boo, best friend, or your journal this week, and be more carefree about expressing your true desires. You’ll find this refreshing, and the more you practice telling it like it is, while respecting and holding space for others to do the same, the better your love life gets. Prepare to be woo’d, Scorpio.

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