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Scorpio’s Weekly Horoscope: 9.17 – 9.23

This is the week before a Full Moon in Aries, which means a lot of passion and momentum is building up in our lives. We often feel the energy of Full Moons most intensely in the four days which proceed it, so September 19 – 23 are likely to be the most powerful days for you this week. The week begins with the Moon in Capricorn on Monday and Tuesday, and when you merge this energy with the Virgo Sun, you’ll be feeling determined to tackle your weekly and monthly to-do list. Just make sure you’re not pushing yourself too hard or being too self-critical as the week begins. You’re doing so much better than you’re giving yourself credit for, so reward yourself with temporary breaks between key projects that you complete. Also make sure that you’re not using work as a way to avoid addressing some of your deeper emotions. The days before a Full Moon often bring things that we’ve been avoiding to the surface of our lives, so you may feel heightened emotional energy this week.

On Wednesday, the Moon’s shift into Aquarius helps you look at a domestic matter from a fresh perspective. Perhaps you were struggling when it came to setting healthy boundaries with a loved one. It’s in your nature to give, give, give, and it can be hard for you to say no sometimes. But things will begin to shift this week as you realize that you’re hurting yourself the most when you act from a place of obligation rather than one of true desire or delight. It may be time for an important conversation with a loved one Wednesday – Friday. Make sure to take their perspective into consideration… it could be that they truly weren’t trying to intentionally take advantage of your generosity. But nevertheless, speaking your truth and being upfront about what your limitations are will be a game-changer for you, Scorpio.

Once the weekend begins and the Moon shifts into Pisces on Friday, you’ll be feeling more romantic, dreamy, sensitive, imaginative, and spiritual. It will be activating your sector of fate and true love all weekend long, so you’ll notice yourself being drawn to human connection and intimacy more than you have all month long. When you combine the vibes of the Pisces Moon with Venus and Jupiter in Scorpio, your sultriness and sexiness increases dramatically. Single Scorpios should use this weekend to go out, look their best, and just have fun without too many expectations. Don’t be surprised if you end up with someone’s number or you hit it up with a new potential boo. Coupled Scorpios should do the same with their lover — you’ll be in the mood to spice things up both in and out of the bedroom, and you may also have “the talk” if you’re considering engagement, marriage, moving in together, meeting the parents, or another important relationship milestone. Ooh la la!!

On the 22nd, the Sun shifts out of Virgo and enters airy Libra for the next four weeks. This transit will highlight your spirituality and healing sector, and you’ll notice a huge shift in the cosmos. During Virgo Season you were more of a workaholic and worry wart, always trying to plan and strategize. Libra Season will have more mellow energy, perfect for rounding out the month of September on a more low-key and chill note. Libra Season is also known as the warm-up to Scorpio Season, so you may find yourself in hibernation mode as you replenish your energy stores to get ready for your birthday coming up. Use Libra Season to physically and psychologically clear out what you’ve outgrown so that you can morph into a new and improved version of yourself come October 23. You’ll be in the mood to shed your skin and outdated beliefs, and get ready for a new beginning.

All in all, Scorpio, this theme starts off on a productive note, then gradually gets more eccentric and unpredictable in terms of what you need to reveal to those close to you, and it ends on a romantic, airy and sensitive note, helping you release the dead weight before next Monday’s Aries Full Moon. It’s completely normal for people, including yourself, to act a bit off during a week like this, because the energies in the cosmos are quite potent. So have patience as you navigate your daily interactions. The more you try to rush or force things, the less likely they are to work in your favor. This is a great week for emotional and physical purging. Donate clothes, clean your environment, weed out photos or contacts from your phone, unfollow energy drainers on social media, and protect your energy unapologetically.

Watch the latest episode of my vlog for further insights on what this pre-Full Moon week has in store for you. The astro segment begins at 8:56. Enjoy, and have an amazing week!

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