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Scorpio’s Weekly Horoscope: 9.16 – 9.22.19

This is the last week of Virgo Season, and we’ve just made it through a powerfully transformative Pisces Full Moon. You’ll spend this week getting in a new routine that allows you to feel grounded, disciplined, and organized in your new reality. Saturn, the Planet of Challenge, ends its five-month retrograde in the sign of Capricorn on the 18th, and although there will still be a shadow period for over one month, we will start to feel things ease up in our communication and social sectors. If you’ve felt misunderstood, disrespected, or alienated during this retrograde, you’ll find yourself setting firm boundaries to ensure that this isn’t something that keeps happening. Saturn retrograde challenged you to look within yourself and understand how your own shadow side plays out in your relationships. Once you understand that, you can transmute your shadow into light. That’s what Saturn being direct is about. Moving forward with awareness and clarity. 

Now that both Mercury and Venus are in the airy sign of Libra, love and healing will be on your mind. You’re feeling more adaptable to life’s changing tides, and curious about the unknown paths that are opening up to you. Be intentional about the social invitations you say yes to at this time. It’s still Virgo Season, and you should use this week to practice discernment. Just because there’s an opportunity, doesn’t mean it’s meant for you. Spend time around those whose loyalty you don’t have to question. Do not bend over backwards to people-please anyone who’s wishy-washy or inconsistent in your life. Most importantly, don’t be afraid of solitude, or even loneliness this week. There’s magic that exists within you, and sometimes you have to quiet the outside noise and just be by yourself long enough to tap into it. 

This weekend, a planetary square between Jupiter and Neptune may shatter all illusions we were still holding on to after the Full Moon. If you were having trouble letting go of an outdated friendship, relationship, job or karmic situation, whatever takes place this Saturday may finally give you the push to release your hold on the past. You’ve been shaken up emotionally lately, but guess what? You’re still here, growing and learning from each experience. If you take time to process these changes, rather than run from them or try to numb yourself from feeling them, then you will end up in a better situation that you can currently imagine. Scorpio, your evolution is so astounding that sometimes it scares those around you, and that’s why they aren’t always compatible with your current journey. It’s okay though, my love. Keep evolving anyway. 

Spend the last day of Virgo Season planting seeds for what you’d like to see harvest in the springtime. You’ve accomplished incredible feats so far this month, even if all the work has been taking place under the surface. So Sunday’s vibes should be about relaxation, renewal and release. Prioritize taking care of yourself, and practice saying no to other people’s constant requests for your time, energy, resources, or attention. A bolder, fiercer you is being born as we approach Scorpio Season, and while you may not at all recognize yourself at first, the most essential part of this process is to practice being as present as possible as you traverse this portal. Breathe and believe in your new essence. 

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