Scorpio, now that Venus, the Planet of Love and Magnetism, is in our sign for several weeks, life is going to feel extra sensual, passionate, intimate, and deep for all of us. Where to direct all of this energy? This would be a great time to dive into passion projects that have been calling your name most of this year. 2021 is the year of freedom — so whatever you decide to give your attention to should make you feel free, not burdened. You should also take time to cultivate a consistent feeling of financial security. This final week of Virgo Season is perfect for crunching the numbers and seeing what your spending has been like these past few months. You have until the 16th to make the most of the Virgo New Moon magic and set intentions that help you feel organized, systemized, and aligned with your financial journey. Keep planting seeds of optimism and self-discipline when it comes to how you view your money story.

Once Mars, our ruling planet, enters Libra on the 14th, we’ll find it easier to enjoy ourselves and not be too focused on the nitty gritty details of life. This doesn’t mean we won’t be productive, but we’ll also spend more time treating ourselves and spoiling ourselves, and this in turn makes us happier and more fulfilled beings. Relationships from our past will definitely be on our mind during Mars in Libra, because we’re feeling the pre-shadow effects of Mercury’s upcoming retrograde in Libra (which will begin on the 27th). There may be wounds that still need healing, stories that need to be told, experiences that should be felt, and released. Use the combination of Venus in our penetrating sign and Mars in the more balance-oriented sign of Libra to get real about what’s been plaguing you. Pay attention to conversations you may have avoided during Virgo Season, using work as a distraction from the more vulnerable aspects of life. This is your time to face these feelings head-on, while making room to take in what those in your orbit are going through and what they need.

Mars in Libra will feel like an enriching, healing, and loving time for you, Scorpio. It’s also going to kick-off a hibernation season for us, because our sector of spirituality will be activated. Only say yes to the social engagements you actually have the energy to attend. It’s okay to be in your own hermit world for most of this week — you’re cooking up something magical and transforming from the inside out.

You’re likely to feel the most productive and driven Tuesday – Thursday, due to the Capricorn Moon, so plan accordingly and make the most of your ability to power through on tasks that are contributing to your long-term success and evolution. With each act of endurance that you train your mind to have, you’re becoming even more of a boss and leader in your chosen industry. Just make sure you’re not all work, and no play. Reward yourself frequently, and integrate naps and time to just do nothing into your bouts of productivity. It’ll help you feel harmonious and it’ll keep the momentum going.

This weekend, the Aquarius Moon invites you to check in with your local community and see what you can do to feel more like an integral part of its evolution. It doesn’t have to be anything major, but it’ll feel refreshing to connect to causes that are helping out humanity as a whole, rather than simply focusing on bettering your own lifestyle. While it’s definitely a great time to be self-focused, this week you’re learning that it’s best to adhere to the “it takes a village” mentality when it comes to sustainably building and living a life that you love. As we approach next week’s Pisces Full Moon, which will activate Scorpio’s sector of fate, true love, creativity and adventure, you’re becoming more attuned to the little and big things that have contributed to where you are in life, and the more you express gratitude for them, the more blessings pour into your life. Enjoy this week, Scorpio. You deserve ease.

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