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Scorpio’s Weekly Horoscope: 9.10 – 9.16

This week can be a game-changer for you, Scorpio. You’ll be ready to get out of any past rut you may have been in, and be the change you wish to see in life. That’s largely due to the energy of the Virgo New Moon activating your network and friendship sector and making you more aware of who you really want in your life and why. Plus, Venus, the Planet of Relationships, is now in our sign for an extended stay, boosting our self-esteem and allowing us to be more perceptive and intuitive than ever. And there’s more — Mars shifts into Aquarius on Monday the 10th, helping lighten up the mood after several weeks of Mars being retrograde in Capricorn. So much change is in the air, which is why you have no choice but to move along with it and be solution-oriented. There’s no need to feel like you have to transform everything about yourself at once, though, Scorpio. A lot is going to take place organically and maybe even under the surface, because the energy of Virgo Season is about working behind-the-scenes and doing the work away from the limelight.

On Wednesday the 12th, Jupiter and Pluto engage in a harmonious alignment, and this may be one of the most soothing and beautiful days of the month. Your ability to dream up your ideal reality, commit to a new financial plan for yourself, or release pent-up emotions in a way that helps you feel liberated and understood will increase at this time. You may also hear of an incredible professional opportunity in the days surrounding this Jupiter-Pluto sextile, or you may go out and look for it yourself. If there’s a major move you’ve been wanting to make either in terms of your love life or your career, this is the day to do it. Things will fall into place with greater ease around this time, and you won’t have to try too hard to get your point across in important conversations. Jupiter is in our sign for a little less than 2 more months, Scorpio. Be sure to read Part II of Jupiter in Scorpio’s Forecast to find out how to maximize these final months and activate a 12-year cycle of abundance and prosperity. It’s now on sale at it’s lowest price ever (receive 25+ pages of insight sent to your email). The key is for you to keep the faith, avoid comparison, and be the captain of your own ship as you navigate Jupiter’s final months in your sign. What you believe, you can achieve.

Romantically, we’ll be feeling more demanding with our romantic partners and love interests now that Venus is in our sign, so it’s important for us to not become too territorial or obsessive. We can speak our truth and let our needs be heard without overwhelming people with high expectations and standards. It’s also important for you to release suspiciousness that you may be feeling unless you’re absolutely sure there’s a reason to go looking for trouble. Venus in Scorpio’s energy is here to teach us to be more vulnerable and more aware of our deepest desires. There’s no need to hide them or deny them, even if we think they may make others uncomfortable. But the first step is to first be able to admit them to ourselves. If you need to journal, speak to a therapist, meditate or go on solo walks to process your powerful emotions this week, definitely do so. Yoga, dancing, creating works of art and basking in activities that make you feel and look good are also advised. You must be your own lover first and foremost, Scorpio. Fill yourself up with the love you seek from others, and watch how everyone starts to become a mirror of your self-love. Read Scorpio’s latest Love Forecast for tips on how to make the most of the rest of Virgo Season when it comes to romantic opportunities.

All in all, the key to thriving during this week of major shifts is to become more clear about what your true goals are. There’s no need to go back and forth and wonder “should I stay or should I go?”, “should I take the leap or play it safe?”, “should I speak up or stay quiet?”… Your intuition knows exactly what you must do, Scorpio. This New Moon magic is all about taking the initiative and not letting your fear of failure, rejection or embarrassment stop you from going after what you deserve. Remove the fluff an distractions in your life so that you can focus on the real deal and let your light shine unapologetically. Get ready to receive way more attention with Venus now in your sign and Mars now in the sign of the pioneer and rebel. You’ll feel like a caterpillar emerging from a cocoon after feeling stuck for way too long. You’re rising from your ashes, and while the process can sometimes be painful, it is always worth it.

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8 responses to “Scorpio’s Weekly Horoscope: 9.10 – 9.16

  1. Amen amen amen. This is truly amazing. I have definitely taken this and went the spiritual side of it. I’ve been following a long for about 4-6 months manefesting the life I deserve. It has made me stronger in my thinking, my visualization is becoming clearer, and I am truly moved by what’s more to come in the future by my freedom to love myself, be more than enough, deserving better, and unlimiting the goals and dreams for myself. Thank you so much. Much love a true Scorpio. 10/24 ❤️

  2. Every Monday I await for this post. It helps me every week to feel less alone. To feel more secure & thoughtful in my actions/choices. Thank you for providing a wealth of knowledge & understanding. I look forward to every single one of your posts. They all connect so strongly.

  3. I truly admire your natural spirituality and your way with words. And the way your forecasts work equaly as a kick in the butt and as true inspirational faith in life. Thanks and keep on keeping on!

  4. This hit home; yesterday I quit my job. It was making me unhappy for a year, and instantly i felt lighter. I feel like I am seeing more clearly and the universe is working in my favor already.

  5. This hasn’t been the best year nor the worst, but this week was not the best either. I got locked out of my main Twitter account due to some idiot reporting a non-abusive, non-hateful tweet, which I am appealing again. I did take a break from it to clear my mind.

    I guess this wasn’t the week for me, but a lot of things have been spot on this year. Thank you for all the positivity you have shown me this year.

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