Now that the 8/8 Lion’s Gate Leo New Moon has officially taken place, this week will feel supremely empowering, Scorpio. Our career and reputation takes center stage in our consciousness, and we’re able to use the illuminating energy of the Leo New Moon to be bolder, more confident, and even slightly more aggressive in our approaches to launching our passion projects into high gear. Monday through Wednesday, the Virgo Moon blends with the Leo Sun and helps us focus on detail-oriented activities such as responding to key messages, sending or paying invoices, tackling written assignments in a thorough way, and doing investigative research. Start off the week by taking care of the most important projects on your to-do list. You’ll have the discipline and momentum to get things done step by step, and you’ll feel amazing once you have.

Mid-week, the Libra Moon asks you to mellow out and focus on your spiritual well-being. Mercury, the Planet of Communication, will enter Virgo on the 11th, and this could amp up your desire to be hyper-productive. But if you put too much on your plate you’ll end up feeling mentally restless and anxious under this transit. The Libra Moon reminds you that life’s about harmony, equilibrium, and balance. Yes you can accomplish essential tasks, and you can also hit up a friend and have a movie night without obsessively checking your inbox. Find ways to infuse more fun, pleasure and relaxation into your daily routine this week. You may also feel ready to set your New Moon Intentions around Wednesday or Thursday when the Moon is in Libra and harmoniously aligns with Saturn in Aquarius. You’ll be pleased at your ability to think of what your ideal lifestyle can feel like in six months without having to control every element of how you’ll get there. Trust that the Universe knows how to direct its sails in the direction of your desires.

On Friday the 13th, the Moon enters Scorpio at 7:58pm EST, and this helps us reflect on how much we’ve transformed in the past five days, ever since the Lion’s Gate Portal. We’ll think back about who we were during the dark-of-the-moon last week, and what we needed to admit to ourselves. Perhaps we had attempted to convince ourselves that we wanted one path, when really we were ready to pursue another. With the Moon in our sign this weekend, we can’t and won’t lie to ourselves or hide from our truth, so you’ll be given an opportunity to clarify your intentions, with yourself first and foremost, and then with whomever you feel the urge to be vulnerable with. When the Moon is in Scorpio and the Sun’s in Leo, power struggles may at times occur, so keep that in mind if you find yourself letting your pride take precedence, particularly on Saturday when the Moon squares off with Saturn in Aquarius. Fortunately, a harmonious alignment between the Scorpio Moon and Mars in Virgo on Saturday afternoon will help smooth over ruffled feathers and remind us that if we move with intention and precision, there’s nothing we can’t manifest for ourselves. So it’s best to focus on what we want to attract rather than ruminate on what we may fear…

This weekend you’ll find yourself reflecting on partnerships and your role in them. What feels empowering, and what feels terrifying? What patterns have you yet to overcome, and which ones have you reinforced in your life? What is your biggest doubt when it comes to your ability to be truly vulnerable and intimate with another? Since we’re still in the midst of retrograde season, and the Moon in Scorpio opposes Uranus in Taurus, activating our marriage sector, it’s normal to have back and forth with yourself about what makes you feel most emotionally secure. Moving your body and spending time out in nature will prove to be deeply therapeutic and calming for your nervous system, as it will remind you that life is much more simple than we tend to make it out to be, and if we slow our roll and count our blessings, the answers we’re seeking make themselves apparent, often at the precise timing that they need to. All you have to do is keep showing up, and pay attention to the signs. Your dreams are likely to be quite potent on Sunday the 14th, so keep a dream journal near your bed and prepare to piece together the puzzle pieces.

My debut EP, Dream with Dossé-Via, turned 1 on 8/8!! Thank you to everyone who’s been playing my mantras and meditations these past 365 days. I hope they’ve brought you much joy, peace, love and healing. Enjoy the visual for my “New Moon Mantra” as you set your intentions this week:

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