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Scorpio’s Weekly Horoscope: 8.27 – 9.2

Mars, our co-ruling planet, ends its 2-month retrograde on Monday, August 27th, helping us feel more energized, motivated and passionate. This is a great start to the week, Scorpio, especially if you’ve felt inundated with heavy emotions due to the Pisces Full Moon that took place on Sunday the 26th. But before you go racing towards the finish line, it’s important to keep in mind that Mars retrograde has a shadow period, so you may not feel like you’re completely re-energized. It’s important to have a mellow start to the week. You’ll definitely feel the urge to be productive at the start of the week, especially once the Moon shifts into Aries, but don’t overdo it or else you’ll be burnt out and irritated.

Mid-week, the Moon shifts into Taurus and lights up your partnership sector. You will be in the mood to get serious in your love life. The energy of Virgo Season allows you to take stock of how you can be a better lover, but make sure you’re not being too harsh on yourself or the one you love either… Find a healthy balance between pointing out areas of improvement and simply accepting the fact that no one’s perfect and we’re all learning as we go. Plus, if you release the urge to control everything about your relationships and interactions, you’ll find beauty in the imperfections. The key is to be able to laugh at yourself when things get a little weird or wonky in love, Scorpio.

Since there are no major planetary aspects this week other than Mars going direct, it’s going to be a great time to tackle projects that you may have been procrastinating on or delaying. It’s important to visualize your long-term goals and use that future reality as motivation to get things done now rather than put things off. It’s too easy to get caught up in distractions, but the Taurus energy Wednesday – Friday will help you be more efficient and disciplined, especially when you combine it with the energy of the Virgo Sun. It may also motivate you to know that your co-ruler Mars will not be going retrograde again until September 9, 2020, so you have two years of direct motion to help you keep your head in the game! No more feeling sorry for yourself or moping around wondering when things are going to get easier/better, Scorpio. It’s time to take responsibility for the life you want to live. Do so step by step.

The weekend’s vibes will be significantly more light-hearted and social once the Moon enters adventurous Gemini. This coincides with the beginning of September, and you will feel quite the shift as we leave behind the month of August, which housed the final eclipse of the year. Even if you’ve been a hermit lately or shutting yourself off from social interaction, this weekend you’ll feel more motivated to connect with people, either virtually or in person. Call your family members, your friends, or long-lost lovers. Allow yourself to let people in and see how they’re doing. Chances are, you’ll bond over the similar life transitions you’ve been navigating, and you’ll feel more seen. It’s also a great weekend to go on a mini-vacation or plan a future trip for September. You deserve to infuse more unpredictability and spontaneity in your life, Scorpio, so do so!

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