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Scorpio’s Weekly Horoscope: 8.26.19 – 9.1.19

These final few days of August will teach you what it means to get your life together. This isn’t necessarily in the stereotypical sense of organizing every part of your life from the inside out, but rather from a more spiritual sense of taking time to regenerate yourself from the inside out. Even just taking 1 minute a day to consciously breathe in deeply, and release your breath slowly, is a major form of healing. August 2019 has been full of leaps of faith and surges of energy, and now that it’s Virgo Season it’s time to ground yourself, consciously slow your roll, and realize that less is more. Avoid going to extremes this week, especially since this week leads up to the New Moon in Virgo that takes place on Friday the 30th. Balance, harmony and equilibrium are your friends. 

A Virgo stellium takes place this week — at one point the Sun, Moon, Mercury, and Venus will all be in this sign. Anxiety and restlessness can be avoided if you take the step by step approach to managing your schedule. There’s no point in having a super lengthy to-do list, because chances are you will fill it with busy work instead of the work you actually need to focus on. Instead, simplify your lifestyle by only having one major goal a day to complete. Whether it’s applying for your dream job, looking into a new place to live, cleaning your home, clearing out old contacts and photos from your phone, etc… Break down these tasks on a day by day basis, and celebrate yourself once you’ve successfully accomplished your task. If you’re unable to get it done that day, be kind to yourself and try again the next day. Virgo energy will be quietly guiding you and encouraging you to stay consistent and committed to your evolution, even when it feels like you’re not making much progress. So much is happening under the surface.

Everything will become clear to you on Friday, when the Virgo New Moon takes place and activates your sector of technology and social networks. This kickstarts a six-month cycle in that area of your life, helping you not only do a digital detox, but one in the non-virtual world too. The biggest thing you must do is work on minimizing your subconscious need to people-please, particularly those you love or those who have had a major influence in your life. It’s time to cut the cord, especially if it’s unhealthy or unsustainable. It may be painful, and Venus in Virgo in particular tends to make us appear to be heartless or cold. In reality we just know when enough is enough, and this is one of those weeks where you’ll become aware of when you’ve sacrificed yourself and your heart’s desires for other people’s emotional comfort. You need to put your emotional needs first, and you need to get clear on what they are in the first place. The Virgo New Moon will help you do that. Someone you follow on social media may share a message that completely switches your perspective on life, and helps liberate you from your own self-doubt.

All in all, Scorpio, this final week of August will continue to challenge you, but you are up for the test now. Understand that yes, everything is being rebuilt in front of your very eyes right now, and it can be hard not knowing what’s coming next or what step you should take next. Your mission is to surrender, to trust, to release, and to allow the Universe to show you what it has in store. As long as you keep being honest with yourself about what lights you up, and you continue to do the work even when you can’t fully grasp the rewards, you will make it through this week and end up being so proud of yourself for pushing through. Allow yourself to cry, to vent, to be moody, and to scream if necessary. Don’t bottle things up or try to come off as perfect, when in fact, you are human. If you need a spiritual and musical pick-me-up, keep my New Moon Mantra on repeat throughout the week, and take time to write down your New Moon Intentions using my free guide once the New Moon strikes on Friday. Use the mantra as a way to help reshape your subconscious mind:

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