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Scorpio’s Weekly Horoscope: 8.20 – 8.26.18

Welcome to a mystical Full Moon week, Scorpios. This is the first week in August where Mercury is no longer retrograde, allowing you to make power moves (even though we’ll still be experiencing a two-week post-retrograde before everything goes back to normal). The Sagittarius Moon and Leo Sun will help you start off the week on an empowered and positive note, even if this month has had its share of delays and challenges. Plus, a union that the Sag Moon makes with Vesta (the asteroid that helps with finances), will help you think of amazing investment plans or ways to boost your income as we get ready to enter the final four months of the year.

Keep that momentum going Tuesday – Thursday as the Moon in Capricorn puts you in major boss mode and helps you tackle your to-do list with efficiency and finesse. You’re in a “no excuses” mindset, and this can help you make major strides professionally. This is the last full week of August, and you won’t want to procrastinate on projects that you’ve been meaning to complete. Break down your goals into manageable daily tasks rather than trying to multi-task. It’s important for you to reward your hard work with temporary breaks for fun and relaxation though, Scorpio. You tend to be a perfectionist and workaholic, and now is not the time to be too hard on yourself. Plus, this is also the final week of Mars, your co-ruling planet, being retrograde in Capricorn. So even if you’re feeling extra ambitious, take things step by step so that you don’t miss important details.

On Thursday, the 23rd, the Sun leaves fiery Leo and enters grounded Virgo for the next four weeks. This may feel like a significant shift, but Scorpio energy is often compatible with Virgo vibes because we tend to enjoy the more introverted lifestyle. Virgo Season will highlight your networking and friendship sector, so you may find yourself bonding with your ride-or-dies more intensely than usual. If you’ve been feeling lonely recently, or if you’ve been using work as an excuse to not socialize, you’ll find yourself making more time to cherish important bonds during Virgo Season. This will pay off in many ways. It may be that by actually hitting up a friend and reconnecting with them, they introduce you to someone new who rocks your world. Or perhaps they’ll let you know of an incredible professional opportunity that leads to you climbing up the ladder. They can also simply provide a psychological boost for you as you have a shoulder to lean on.

Virgo Season can also help your love life, because you’ll take it more seriously and you’ll attract more commitment from your current partner(s). But beware, because it can also make you more self-critical and critical of others. It’s important for you to find a balance between wanting to fix things in your relationships and simply letting them play out the way they’re meant to. Don’t let your controlling or obsessive urges get the best of you, Scorpio. Learn to be more of an observer of yourself and your own instinctive reactions, rather than trying to change someone else’s behavior. If you start modeling the type of relationship that you want, then people are more likely to follow suit, because you have a magnetic energy and you’re quite persuasive, often without the need for words…

The Full Moon in Pisces on Sunday the 26th helps the romantic in you release expectations and open your heart to love. This Full Moon activates your sector of fate, true love, and adventure. It may be an emotional weekend, but it will also feel like one of the most magical and mystical ones you’ve experienced in a while. This is largely due to the Pisces energy, encouraging you to dream and release your grip on the past. You may have a passionate heart-to-heart with a lover this weekend that helps you heal past wounds and step into a new reality where you feel more at ease with letting down your guard and believing in the power of love. Think back to the intentions you set around March 2018, when we experienced the New Moon in Pisces. Many of those intentions will manifest around now. If you’re trying to have a baby, this is one of the best weeks to do so. And if you’re not, be extra cautious or else a surprise may be on the way! In a less literal sense, this is a great week to conceive a passion project that will keep you motivated and inspired all year long. Have a beautiful week, Scorpios!

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One response to “Scorpio’s Weekly Horoscope: 8.20 – 8.26.18

  1. Your forescasts are always the highlight of my week.
    It feels like the week never really starts till I get the Weekly Forecast.
    Last week was absolute Hell Week for me as I dubbed it…was very low and depressed to be honest.
    Not my most productive week…far cry from my workaholic tendencies…
    I’m hoping for higher vibrations this week moving forward.
    Got some major decisions I need to make…hoping for Divine guidance on that too.
    Thank you for your posts. I really do look forward to them and they brighten up my days and weeks 🙂

    Have a good one ahead

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