Scorpio, this is a very intense New Moon week. Now that Jupiter, the Planet of Expansion, has retrograded back into Aquarius, we’ll feel more protective of our family, our values, our belief systems, and our roots. We can tell that our needs are intensifying, but at the same time we’re working on not being controlled or manipulated by our own thoughts or emotions. That’s the mission of this week. Monday’s vibes could have you easily losing your patience if you don’t remember to play the long game. Just because someone is triggering you does not mean you should give them the power to ruin your day. Tuesday’s vibes are much more harmonious, with the Gemini Moon harmonizing with Saturn, the Sun, and Mercury. Use the energy of Tuesday to power through projects that are motivating and essential to your current trajectory. Work won’t feel burdensome, but instead it’ll feel very fun under this influence, so make the most of it!

Mid-week, Mercury in Leo squares off with Uranus in Taurus, and this could amp up our feelings of defensiveness in our career and our relationships. It may feel like there’s something we’re trying to prove to others, but doing so could actually be taking our attention away from projects and passions that deserve our energy. Later on Wednesday, the Cancer Moon encourages us to be more sensitive to our needs, especially as we approach the dark-of-the-moon period. What have you been denying yourself, and why? Have you been trying to force yourself to remain calm and low-key when really you just want to yell at the world? Whatever you’re suppressing needs to be healthily released for you to feel free…

Thursday and Friday’s vibes are exceptionally harmonious as the Cancer Moon aligns compatibly with Mars in Virgo, Uranus in Taurus, and Neptune in Pisces. You’ll feel a deep sense of contentment, probably because you’ve been doing the work in the first half of the week and being honest about your triggers, your challenges, your insecurities, your fears and your doubts. Thursday and Friday’s energies remind you that even if all of those emotions exist within you, you’re still worthy of love, of healing, of success, and of stability. Taking things slow, making yourself a cup of tea, putting on your favorite playlist, and treating yourself like royalty is the name of the game as the work week rounds out. These are also great days to pitch a business proposal and put your creative work out there to be seen and celebrated.

By this weekend, the energy of the New Moon will be increasingly loading, which means you should be focused on decreasing how much you have on your plate. On Saturday the 7th, the Moon shifts into Leo a few hours after the Sun in Leo squares off with Uranus in Taurus, so your ego will be increased, and you may feel restless in your relationships and endeavors on Saturday and Sunday. Wait until the Lion’s Gate portal has passed before setting your new moon intentions. Next Monday August 9th and Tuesday August 10th may be more ideal times for you to do so, because you’ll feel less spiritually stimulated by all of the change and transformation occurring this week. The New Moon shakes things up in your career, and it also adds more passion and intensity to your relationships, so it’s best to end the week simply observing your own evolution instead of trying to immediately impose new expectations on yourself or others.

Sometimes we put so much pressure on ourselves to revamp everything about our lives during each new moon passage, when really the change is happening gradually and on its own, as long as we’re true to ourselves. So make that the focus of this Sunday’s ascension portal: be as true to yourself and your heart’s currents desires as you can. If you want to be loved, let yourself be loved instead of pushing it away. If you need time for yourself, turn your phone on airplane mode and indulge in a digital detox. If you’re tired of always being the one people lean on, make yourself less available. If you want to be able to lean on others, start establishing a support system without feeling like it’s a sign of weakness. You have six months to figure out a new normal that’s aligned with living in a heart-centered way, so pace yourself this retrograde season and express gratitude for your growth. You’re doing wonderfully, Scorpio. I’m so proud of you!

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