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Scorpio’s Weekly Horoscope: 8.19 – 8.25.19

Now that Mars, your ruling planet, has shifted out of Leo and entered the grounded sign of Virgo for several weeks, you may find yourself in a “back-to-school” mood, ready to have more structure, organization and discipline in your life. This isn’t something you have to take to extremes, though. Ease your way out of the energy of Mars in Leo, which encouraged productivity, passion, and partying. You had fun times this summer, and the fun will still continue even as Virgo Season begins this week. But this week you’ll find yourself being more serious and intentional about what you’re doing with your time, and the people you’re spending time with. Your time and energy are precious resources, and you’re becoming increasingly aware of that…

This week’s energy is influenced by Jupiter’s semi-sextile to Saturn which takes place near the start of the week, and has lingering energy throughout the week. Jupiter is the Planet of Luck, and Saturn is the Planet of Challenge, If you use this energy correctly, you will find yourself inspired to break free of limiting beliefs regarding abundance and what you can manifest in your life. Even if you have $10,000 worth of unpaid bills or loans, and you feel completely overwhelmed to the point of giving up, this transit will inspire you to get up off your ass and realize how badass you are. Even if the solutions don’t immediately come to you, you can take a baby step approach to feeling more in charge and less anxious. Paying down one bill, making a phone call to create payment plans or requesting an extension, looking into online jobs, starting an online store, etc… Jupiter and Saturn are working together this week to show you that if you avoid shortcuts and complaints, you’ll notice yourself making immense project. Don’t be afraid to do the work. That’s how the results will come.

On the morning of Wednesday, August 21, Venus, the Planet of Love, shifts out of Leo and enters Virgo for several weeks, joining Mars in this practical sign. Make sure you’re not becoming overly critical of yourself or your lover(s) during Venus in Virgo. Expectations can become a source of pain if you hold on to them too rigidly. This is not the time to try to train others on how to love you “properly”. It’s important for you to shift your perspective and release your hold on how things “should” be in your love life. Know that the only constant in life is change, so even if someone you love is acting differently, understand that you probably are too. And Venus in Virgo is here to help you let go of the need to be a perfect lover or human being. The more you acknowledge and openly admit your flaws or faults, the more free you become, and the more attractive you become to others as well.

Leo Season ends and Virgo Season begins on Friday the 23rd, marking the two-month mark until Scorpio Season! Your tech and social network sector is activated during Virgo Season, and since Virgo season is all about purifying and organizing, you may be in the mood to clean up your phone contacts, delete images from your phone, do a social media cleanse where you unfollow or mute accounts that are uninspiring or draining, and also take time to more intentional about your tech use in the first place. Virgo Season is a powerful time to lean on your social network if you need help professionally or creatively. You do not have to build your empire alone — in fact, it would be silly to attempt to do so. The more you intentionally merge with people who understand your vision, the greater your blessings become. This week is all about stepping into your divine energy and sprinkling it all around you. The world has never been more ready for what you have to share.

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