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Scorpio’s Weekly Horoscope: 8.14.17 – 8.20.17

This week may make you feel a bit scatter-brained at first, Scorpio. It’s the week before the Solar Eclipse New Moon, so it’s full of astrological vibes that can pull our hearts and brains in different directions. Tuesday through part of Friday, the Moon is in the air sign of Gemini, making us very cerebral, intellectual, and curious about everything, but since Mercury is retrograde, you won’t necessarily be feeling as social. You’ll only open up to people who have the patience to truly hear you out, in all your contradictions and double standards. Try not to push people away just because you think you’re too intense/deep for them. You may be surprised at how much someone unlikely just “gets” you…

The opposition that Venus and Pluto makes in the first half of the week will be felt all week long, and it’s important not to ignore some of the signals or signs that you’ll receive on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. You may feel one thing internally and express the other externally, you may find yourself reacting a bit more impulsively to others, and you may also find yourself vacillating from wanting to be left alone and wanting to feel deep affection. The key is to become an observer of your emotions, no matter how wild they may appear to be. Everything is coming up to the surface this week so that you can start fresh next week. So the more old baggage you let go of, the better. This week may be full of tears, sighs, or emotions you thought you had overcome. But once you let yourself feel, you’ll be so light and liberated.

Mid-week, your rulers Mars and Pluto get into cahoots with each other, as do Venus and Jupiter. This is not the time to start something completely new, especially if you haven’t given it much thought. No matter how exciting it may seem, press pause on anything that hasn’t been triple-checked, because it may turn out to be completely different than what it was made out to be. Schedule a massage or some activity that will allow you to just breathe, relax, and maintain a positive perspective Wednesday – Friday. It’ll be easier for you to feel overwhelmed, unmotivated, or a bit ill at ease with all of your responsibilities. But remember, Scorpio, this week is about becoming aware of what must change in order for you to feel free. So it’s okay if you’re not always feeling super rosy about everything. Make note of when your energy dips, so that you can start to weed out the activities or people that lower your vibration…

Romantically, Uranus, the Planet of Surprise, links up with the Leo Sun this weekend, helping add more excitement and passion to the week’s moody vibes. Someone may hit you up from out of the blue, or your crush/partner/bae may surprise with you an impromptu date or trip. You may even be in the mood to do something completely spontaneous and out-of-character. Say yes to party invites, because you’ll be feeling a bit restless and there’s no better way to shake off your nerves that to dance the night away and let yourself indulge in a bit of escapism before the Solar Eclipse shakes up everything. The key this week is to really value the mysteries of your life, even if it drives you crazy sometimes. You’re doing just fine, Scorpio. Once you make it through this dark-of-the-moon period, you’ll be rewarded for your courage and faith.

Have an amazing week, Scorpio! Share how your week’s going in the comments below.

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4 responses to “Scorpio’s Weekly Horoscope: 8.14.17 – 8.20.17

  1. Just SO on point!!
    I am feeling like I want some alone time but then also craving my partner to be around 100% of the time.
    Definitely feeling emotional and all over the shop… thought it was simply because it’s just that time of the month tbh. Ha.
    Also dealing with a few decisions involving possible big changes and trying to “declutter” in order to seek out that lightweight feeling and find some more fulfilment / different purpose/experiences in my life.
    Your forecasts always seem to be exactly correct but just HAD to provide some feedback this week. Thanks DV 🙂

  2. This week I feel motivated to get shit done and take care of responsibilities. Only thing is there hasn’t been any excitement in my life bc I’m so focused on work. The routine is becoming very mundane. Also I’ve been getting triggered by small things out of my control that leave me in a state of indignation. Overall I’ve realized like it says in the forecast that I’m way to hard on myself. I’m doing good no need to fret. Staying positive is key have faith that it’s only getting better. Good luck Scorpios.

  3. This is hitting on all levels this week. I’m in a meh kind of mood, but also getting overwhelmed by my upcoming trip too. I am doing something, sort of relaxing, I’m getting a tattoo tonight…of the Scorpio symbol, which I planned prior to the Mercury retrograde. And I am also trying to re-evaluate parts of my life that I need to let go of.

    Thank you for this, you daily and weekly forecasts always help me to deal with the crazy thing that is life.

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