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Scorpio’s Weekly Horoscope: 8.13 – 8.19

You’ve made it to the final week of Mercury Retrograde, Scorpio. Ever since July 26, Mercury, the Planet of Communication, has been backtracking in your career and social status sector. This may have made you second guess some of your professional initiatives, and you may have found it hard to make consistent progress in certain areas of your job. While there will still be a post-shadow period after August 19, you’ll find that you can make more moves after this retrograde ends, particularly due to the empowering vibes of last Saturday’s Solar Eclipse in Leo.

But before we get to the end of Mercury Retrograde, you’ll still have to experience the feelings, memories and emotions from the past that may wash over you this week. It’s important to not be paralyzed by them, but to view them as temporary teaching moments. People from your past may also pop up and want to rekindle a relationship. It’s best to wait until after Mercury Retrograde ends before making a decision one way or another. While you’re tempted to keep the door shut, sometimes there’s a reason people resurface, and you shouldn’t let your pride or ego stop you from letting someone back in. Just take the time to process whatever lesson the Universe may be trying to teach you this week, and by next week you’ll have more clarity regarding on what to do.

This is a great week to tackle any unfinished business that has been on your mind this month. You can work with a team to get things done — don’t feel like you have to do it all alone. Delegating tasks or asking for help will be especially useful Tuesday – Thursday due to the Libra Moon. People will be willing to help you out and you’ll feel more social and extraverted. Ask for what you want, because the recent vibes of the eclipse makes this week one of the best for setting New Moon Intentions. If you’ve been feeling a bit moody or irritable in the past few weeks, don’t force yourself to think positively or to “vibrate higher”. Instead, try to get to the root of what’s causing this irritation, and do one thing each day to change your circumstances so that one temporary bad mood doesn’t become a lasting sensation. There’s no need to pretend to be happy or to force yourself to have it all together, Scorpio. Sadness, anger, frustration and loneliness are perfectly normal human emotions, so once you face them they’ll have less power over you.

By Friday, the Moon will be in Scorpio and help you feel more at ease with the passionate emotions bubbling to the surface. This weekend we’ll also experience the final trine (harmonious alignment) between Jupiter in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces. You may have a fateful encounter with someone if you’re single, and you may feel like you’re living in a dream world as you interact with them. Just make sure to not get too lost in the haze… You may become intoxicated with romantic feelings, even if you thought you were being rational. For Scorpios already in a relationship, this can be a very healing alignment for you and your partner if you’ve been trying to move on from any hurdles or misunderstandings. Your ability to be honest about what you’re feeling increases around this time, making you less secretive and more open to transformation. For all Scorpios, your creativity and imagination will be at an all-time high with this celestial trine, so get out your paintbrush or journal because you may be wowed by what you create.

And finally on Sunday comes the highly-anticipated end of Mercury Retrograde. The final day of retrograde can often be the most intense though, so give yourself a little wee-way before making major contractual decisions or travel plans. We’ll only have one more Mercury Retrograde this year, beginning in mid-November, so you have time to clear out any debris and to revamp your professional status. Mars Retrograde will end on the 27th, so you may not feel like you completely have your momentum back until the end of the month / early September. If you feel the urge to hibernate at times this week, allow yourself to do so without judgment or guilt. Your health should be your utmost priority right now, Scorpio. Keep your perfectionist and workaholic tendencies at bay so that you can recharge and be at the top of your game.

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